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The Master of Arts in Languages and Cultures, in German, our joint program with Millersville University launched Fall 2014

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West Chester and Millersville Universities launched a new combined graduate degree program, the Master of Arts in Languages and Cultures in German, in Fall 2014. This single degree program is presented by both language departments in collaboration and coordination to facilitate the prompt and successful completion of the students’ coursework, as meaningfully and efficiently as possible. The 11 courses of the 33-credit degree program may be completed in from 2-5 years.

Students may enroll in up to three courses in the program while they are finalizing their application, which includes a cover form, two letters of recommendation, a goals statement in the language, and complete transcripts of all post-secondary coursework completed. Any study from another country must be evaluated by WES and forwarded to our admissions offices to be considered in the application.

To enroll, students must have an undergraduate degree and achieve the Advanced Low proficiency level on the ACTFL OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) and WPT (Writing Proficiency Test) in German in their first semester. Students scoring less than AL may complete a provisional semester and be retested at the end of it.

We encourage students to apply for a Graduate Assistantship at West Chester for 3-12 semester credits of tuition waiver and a graduated stipend in exchange for 5-20 hours of work a week with the department and graduate faculty.

The program contains three required core seminars totaling 9 credits to be taken by all students enrolled for the degree program: L[A]NC 501 on linguistics, L[A]NC 502 on interpretive strategies, and L[A]NC 503 on cultural studies. These seminars will all be offered each academic calendar year, shared by both schools, and will be taught online, to allow students in all three languages to study and work together.

Additionally there is a general curriculum of 12 semester hours in German, which includes courses in communicative proficiencies and cultural competencies.

Courses may be offered in all six academic sessions of each calendar year, including both semesters, the three summer sessions, and the winter session.

To complete the master’s degree experience, students may choose up to 12 semester credit hours from elective options, in accord with their experience, needs, and future professional career plans. These may include courses in other fields such as nursing, marketing, criminal justice, etc., study abroad, an internship, or courses in pedagogy, or selected courses from the PA K-12 Graduate Certification in German curriculum. The elective courses may also include all 12 credits in German or another program language (French or Spanish) at the graduate level.

Exit requirements for all students are uniform, an exit capstone project of a specialized written and oral exam, or a research project, or a portfolio of three projects, defended at an oral exam with the faculty.

Faculty Contacts for further information include:

Dr. Margarete Landwehr, German,

Dr. Susanne Nimmrichter, German (Millersville Univ),

Here is a general listing of courses for the new 33 credit hour joint degree program of Master of Arts in Languages And Cultures at West Chester and Millersville, including delivery formats:

Required Core Courses for all students:

  • LNC / LANC 501 Linguistics Studies
  • LNC / LANC 502 Interpretive Strategies
  • LNC / LANC 503 Cultural Studies

General and Elective courses for all languages:

  1. Communication: (choose 2)

  2. West Chester courses:

    • GER 525 German Linguistics

    Millersville Courses:

    • GERM 523 Stylistics and Composition
    • GERM 525 Advanced Oral Practice
    • GERM 531 Evolution of the German Language (hybrid)
  3. Culture: (choose 2)

  4. West Chester courses:

    • GER 501 Post-Wall German Literature and Film
    • GER 505 Survey of German Film
    • GER 508 Modern German Drama
    • GER 500 20th century German culture
    • GER 522 Austrian Literature and Culture
    • GER 550 German Literary Genres from the Middle Ages to the Fin-de-Siècle

    Millersville courses:

    • GERM 585 19th Century German Literature (hybrid)
    • GERM 551 Geography of the German-speaking countries
  5. Electives for the Professions: (12 credit hours)

  6. West Chester courses:

    • LAN 525 Internship (3-12 hours)

                    Study abroad in Marburg, Berlin or Vienna

Electives for Teaching Professionals (12 credit hours)

West Chester courses:

  • LAN 500 L2 Research
  • LAN 503 L2 Methodology
  • LAN 569 Teaching English Language Learners (online)

Elective Options for PA Graduate Certification in German (12 credits):

(Any FOUR of the following required courses for certification offered in the College of Education at West Chester; graduate language methods courses available also at Millersville):
  • EDA 542 Foundations of Special Education
  • EDT 500 Educational Technology
  • EDP 531 Assessment for Learning 7-12
  • EDP 550 Advanced Educational Pyschology
  • EDR 550 Literacy Development Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Classroom
  • EDA 511 Inclusion and Collaboration
  • EDS 505 Graduate Methods and Field Experience
  • LAN 503 Techniques of Second Language Teaching