Ethnic Studies Institute

West Chester University

Dr. Miguel Ceballos, Director
Ethnic Studies Institute
Department of Anthropology & Sociology
201 Old Library Building
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: (610) 436-2308

Steering Committee


African American

Timothy J Brown, Communications Studies

Anita Foeman, Communications Studies

Cherise Pollard, English
Tiffany Y. Lane, Social Work


Ann L. Colgan, Exploratory Studies

Jonathan Friedman, History

Paul Green, English



Janet Chang, Psychology

Cecilia Lee-Fang Chien, History

Valerian DeSousa, Sociology

Krishna Kumar, Psychology

Bhim Sandhu, Political Science
Tabassum Fahim Ruby, Women's and Gender Studies


Carla Verderame, English

Richard W. Voss, Social Work


Miguel Ceballos, Sociology

Daniela Johannes, Languages and Cultures

Ana Sanchez, Languages and Cultures

Linda Stevenson, Political Science



Mahmoud Amer, Languages and Cultures

Mahrukh Azam, Chemistry

Michael Di Giovani, Anthropology

Don McCown, Health

Karen A. Paiva, Sociology

Alice J. Speh, Languages and Cultures

Chiwoneso B. Tinago, Health

Spring Ulmer, English