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Art + Design

E.O. Bull Center, Room 133/143
2 E. Rosedale Ave.
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-2755

Peggy Hill, Chair

Faculty Contact Information


Tiffany Butler

Major: Graphic + Interactive Design
Hometown: West Chester, PA
Expected Graduation: Spring 2016

Why did you decide to attend West Chester University?
I was a transfer student so it took me a little while to figure out that WCU was were I was meant to be. I was so wrapped up in wanting to get away that it never crossed my mind. After coming to West Chester, I realized that there was no competition; a college town without being overwhelming, great professors and opportunities, an eclectic mix of people and activities, and not to mention it's close to home.

What is your favorite thing about the Department of Art + Design?
My favorite thing about the Department of Art + Design is that it's like its own little community. There is a degree of respect, understanding, and communication that I haven't seen outside of E.O. Bull. We support each other and are always willing to lend a helping hand whether it's through ideas or resources. It's great knowing that you aren't alone.

What didn't you know about the Department of Art + Design before you came to WCU?
The saying, "Because I am an Art Kid" applies to just about everything from how problems are solved to how everyday things are interpreted and perceived. The Department of Art + Design is more than just making something look "pretty" or "nice." It is about taking a critical look and knowing why something works.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
I wish I could say that I have everything planned out, from a job to my own apartment/house, but to be honest, that isn't very realistic. Right now, I am more than ready to tackle the new school year and see what is in store for me. With graduation around the corner, I am eager to gain as much experience as I can, so that afterwards I am able to hit the pavement job searching and putting what I know to the test. As long as I am able to utilize my degree, exercise creativity, make my family and myself proud, I will consider myself lucky and be happy.

What would you like to tell students considering WCU or the Department of Art + Design?
No one can make the decision for you. As harsh as that may seem, others can only voice their opinions but it is up to you. What do you want to do? Will it make you happy? The key is to follow your passion. For me that was and still is art. I may be a graphic designer but I never abandoned my love of drawing, painting, or photography. The more tools you can have in your toolbox, the better. West Chester University and the Department of Art + Design helped me realize that and I haven't been happier.

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