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Students are encouraged to submit record of their COVID-19 immunization. By providing your COVID-19 vaccination record, residential students will be exempt from campus testing requirements as part of the university’s health and safety plan. Non-residential students, or commuter students, who provide proof of vaccination will not be included in the university’s randomized testing plan.  

Tile navigation: From the Student Homepage, click on the Upload Vaccination Card tile. 

Vaccination Card Thumbnail

  • Enter the date your most recent vaccine shot was administered. Type the date in using MM/DD/YYYY format or search using the calendar icon. 

Calendar Image eample

  • Identify whether or not your most recent shot complete your vaccination. Click on the No to update it to Yes. 

Final Vaccine Yes/No Question

  • Upload a copy of your vaccination record card by clicking the Upload File button.  
    • You only need to include the side with your name, date of birth, and vaccine information. 
  • Click the My Device button to search your computer or phone for the image or file containing your vaccination record.  

File attacment example

  • Once you have selected the file, click Upload.  

File attachement second example

  • When the upload is complete, click Done.  
  • If you return to the Upload Vaccination Card page, you will be able to review the information previously provided.  

Vaccination Card submission example

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