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To help facilitate transparency regarding planned instruction delivery and offer further clarification on the amount of time a course will meet synchronously, two (2) new fields have been added to the Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 schedule of classes. These fields provide an estimation and description of synchronous hours for a course.

The estimation of synchronous hours is meant to provide students with an overview of the total number of synchronous learning planned for the entire semester. It is an estimate. It does not represent the entire hours of instruction offered, or the total number of hours of engagement required by students. This plan can be impacted based on a variety of factors. Our hope is that these fields allows students to better select courses that will work best for their learning needs.

Please Note:

  1. These fields are only effective for the Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 semesters.
  2. They will only be applied to courses that are built with an instruction mode of Remote Synchronous (RS) and 100% Online (OL) – if the course has specific dates/days/times included in the meeting pattern.
    • These new fields will NOT show for courses with instruction mode of Remote Asynchronous (RA) or Hybrid (HB) courses.


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    • You need to enter in at least 2 search criteria. You can click on Additional Search Criteria to search by meeting start/end times, days of the week, instructor, course keyword, or mode of instruction.


Class Search Synchronus Contact Hours

2. For courses with instruction modes of Remote Synchronous (RS) or 100% Online (OL) – if the course has specific dates/days/times included in the meeting pattern – an additional column will appear entitled Estimated Synchronous Hours.

    • Examples:

Class Search Estimated Synchronus Contact Hours

    • If you hover your mouse over the number in the Estimated Synchronous Hours column, an explanation appears indicating what is considered a "low" and "high" amount of synchronous hours, depending on the amount of credits the course is worth:
      "The amount of credits a course is worth determines if the course has a "low" amount of synchronous instruction (asynchronous) or a "high" amount of synchronous instruction. Below is a synchronous instruction range that will assist you in determining if a class is mostly synchronous or asynchronous based upon the amount of credits you will earn for taking the course".

Synchronus Contact Hours

3. If you click on the Class Number link, you will enter into the class details.

Synchronus Hours

4. Departments have the opportunity to provide detailed information regarding how they plan to engage students in synchronous instruction via text field, entitled Synchronous Instruction, for their Remote Synchronous (RS) and 100% Online (OL) courses - if the course has specific dates/days/times indicated in the meeting pattern.

    • The Synchronous Instruction text box is found after the Meeting Information.
    • The Synchronous Instruction text box is an optional field, so if it does not appear, it indicates the department did not enter any additional information in the text box.

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