Student Assistance Information

Mission Statement: Student Assistance educates students on how to self-advocate and effectively navigate university policies, procedures and processes. 

The Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs provides assistance and support for students who miss a minimum of three class days due to illness, personal or family emergencies. A note will be circulated to professors advising of the absence. Students are still required to contact professors for guidance related to any missed work during the absence.

To utilize this service, the student or family member completes the Request Instructor Notification for Absences Form including supporting documentation related to the absence. In some cases, if a student is unable to return to one or more of their classes, the Student Assistance Team can discuss enrollment options. Students or family members should contact the office at 610-436-0165 to discuss options.

Request Instructor Notification for Absences Form

For other incidents or behaviors of concerns, the Associate Vice President works in conjunction with the CARE Team to provide outreach to students when concerns for their health, welfare and safety are identified. Please complete the Concerning Incident or Behavior Form to provide notification to the Associate Vice President.

Concerning Incident or Behavior Form

If the situation is an emergency, please call Public Safety at 610-436-3311.

Christy Lanshe

Christy Lanshe

Christy Lanshe, Assistant Director for Operations, is a proud advocate for student success. She is a knowledgeable point of contact for individuals who are in need of support  when there is an absence for three or more class days, due to a reason or concern of an appropriate matter.  She will identify and explain the benefits of additional campus services available to WCU students.  She will also assist with enrollment options for the current term, including the withdrawal process.

Christy is approachable and easy to communicate with.  She has a calming manner when working with students and families who are experiencing challenges. She stays connected with the students during their time of need, enjoys seeing them thrive throughout their years at WCU, and wants them to have a great college experience. 


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