Concerning Behaviors

  • Poses immediate threat to self
  • Shows inappropriate anger or hostility
  • Exhibits “bizarre” behavior
  • Talks about suicide or homicide
  • Writes/verbalizes direct threat to another
  • Seems overly emotional, depressed, aggressive, suspicious, etc.
  • Is the subject of complaints by other students
  • Continuously disrupts class and refuses to stop
  • Comes to class drunk or high
  • Appears to have distorted body image or disordered eating symptomatology
  • Is the victim of a sexual assault
  • Reports sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Has serious issues with test-taking/presentations
  • Is suspected of cheating/academic dishonesty
  • Difficulty due to illness or death in the family

Red Folder Resource

The "Red Folder " is a quick reference guide to mental health resources for faculty and staff who may interact with distressing or distressed students.


Collaboration with the Student Success and Engagement Team (SSET)

The CARE Team works collaboratively with the Student Success and Engagement Team (SSET) whose focus is situated primarily with academic success, skills, and supports. The CARE Team and SSET collaborate with one another as needed. Faculty, staff, and students who engage CARE and SSET do not need to determine which form to use; these teams share one form and determine internally how to direct reports.


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