Academic Integrity

West Chester University is committed to maintaining high standards of academic integrity.  Any situation involving a violation of academic integrity is of major concern to the University. Faculty members preserve and transmit the values of the academic community through example in their own academic pursuits and through the learning environment that they create for their students. They are expected to instill in their students a respect for integrity and an understanding of the importance of honesty within their chosen profession. Faculty must also take measures to discourage student academic dishonesty. Academic Integrity violations may include but is not limited to academic cheating; plagiarism; the sale, purchase, or exchange of term papers or research papers; using books or other materials without authorization while taking examinations; taking an examination for another person, or allowing another person to take an examination in one’s place; copying from another’s paper during an examination or allowing another person to copy from one’s own; falsification of information which includes any form of providing false or misleading information, written, electronic, or oral; or altering or falsifying official institutional records. Plagiarism is defined as copying another’s work or portions thereof, and/or using ideas and concepts of another and presenting them as one’s own without giving proper credit to the source.

Students are responsible for understanding institutional expectations related to academic integrity and should consult with their faculty members or the University’s Writing Center whenever they have questions. For detailed information about the University’s Academic Integrity Policy and the process for addressing violations of Academic Integrity Policy, undergraduate students should visit the policy in the Undergraduate Catalog, and graduate students should visit the policy in the Graduate Catalog.


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