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Alternative Break Trip Leaders

Mik Deiter Headshot

Mik Deiter

If you're reading this that means you are one just step closer to participating in one of the most amazing programs this University has to offer! People around campus know me by my nickname Mik and I am currently in my fourth year of school studying Secondary Education with a concentration in English Literature and minoring in Youth Empowerment Studies. When I am not reading theories, I love being outside or making videos with my camera. I hold a position in The Quad and was one of the leading student organizers for Dub C For Our Lives gun violence walkout for the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. I am so pleased to be co-leading the Women's Rights & Political Engagement Alternative Break trip to Washington D.C. this year, and making WCU voices heard at our nation's capital. If you want to be a part of the conversation, apply for this trip!

India Washington Headshot

India Washington

Hello! I'm India Washington and I'm a Junior studying Liberal Studies: Math and Science with minors in Biology and Nutrition. This is my first time participating in the Alternative Break program and I am very excited to put my passion for service and building community to good use! I will be co-leading the trip to Washington, D.C. which focuses on Women's Rights & Political Engagement. I am an advocate for Women's rights, especially in the area of healthcare. With that being said, this trip will be a really awesome experience to learn, engage with new people, and to really reflect on issues happening in our communities!  Apply for the trip if you are interested in this opportunity!

Allena McCloud Headshot

Allena McCloud

Hi, my name is Allena McCloud and I am a senior Public Health major with a minor in Contemplative Studies. On campus, I am currently an RA in Schmidt Hall, a member of the WCU Public Health Club, and a member of Impact. I decided to become a trip leader because I am always looking for opportunities to learn, grow as a person and to build my leadership skills. I believe that the best way to do that is by working, learning, and interacting with others who share the same passions as you. Last year, I went on the Alternative Break trip to Uganda and had the best time of my life meeting new people and learning about different cultures and healthcare that is provided in Uganda. This year, I am co-leading the Alternative Break trip to New York City that will focus on youth financial literacy education. If you enjoy working with kids, have a passion for helping others and want to have a fantastic spring break, then I encourage you to apply for this Alternative Break trip. 

Cameron Bosserman headshot

Cameron Bosserman

Hello! My name is Cameron Bosserman and I am a Senior Business Management major, with a minor in Psychology. On campus, I am involved in the Animal Advocates Club, a brother of Phi Sigma Pi, and a volunteer at PetCo as part of Forgotten Cats Inc.; if you ever want to come play and chill with cats, I’m your guy!  This year I will be co-leading the trip to New York City to teach financial literacy to children.  I believe that this trip is very important, as it is crucial that the next generation of youth receive the education that they rightfully deserve. I’ve been fortunate enough to be afforded this opportunity to go to NYC, and feel that it is my duty to give back to the community.  If you’re looking to bring about a positive change to this world, no matter how BIG or how small, reach out and apply for this trip!

Kay May Headshot

Kay May

My name is Kay May and I’m a senior nursing major. Aside from being a trip leader, I’m involved with the Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) and was the secretary for this organization for the past two years. Because of my involvement in SAGA and my passion for community health, I was drawn to the Pittsburgh Alternative Break trip to advocate for the LGBT+ community impacted by HIV/AIDS. The issue that my trip addresses is incredibly important because HIV/AIDS is still such a prevalent problem that impacts so many people and continued education, awareness, and action is needed. I had an amazing time participating in this trip last spring break and am thrilled to have the opportunity to be the trip leader this year.  I am incredibly excited to be able to continue my AB journey, and I encourage you to apply for this trip to start yours! 

Gabrielle Mason Headshot

Gabrielle Mason

Hi! My name is Gabrielle Mason and I am a second year Math Education major. Outside of the Alternative Break Program, I am also a 2018 Orientation Leader.  I enjoy any type of volunteer work; however, I am really passionate about alleviating issues of affordable housing. Changing a person or family’s housing situation can allow them to have a more positive life.  I realized this over the 2018 Alternative Break when my group and I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in North Carolina. While on the trip, we were able to meet and work with really great people in North Carolina. I am looking forward to leading the trip this coming year, and would love to see you apply!

Abby Kennedy Headshot

Abby Kennedy

Hello! My name is Abigail Kennedy; some call me Crabigail, I wouldn’t say it necessarily applies to my character unless I haven’t eaten and you catch me at the wrong hour. When I’m not scrambling between meetings, you can usually catch me organizing excursions for Outdoor Adventure Pursuits, trail running at the Gordon, or daydreaming about my future endeavors. My hobbies include fine dining in the great outdoors, crafting flower bouquets, and sewing. I will be leading the Summer AB trip to Philadelphia, a home away from home. We will be working with PHS (Philadelphia Horticulture Society) in creating Sustainable Food Resources in Urban Communities. I am so grateful to be able to lead this trip after so many successful years of establishment and I hope to have you join me!

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