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Questions for Potential Landlords

These are some helpful questions you can ask a landlord before moving into an apartment. These questions can also be asked if you are thinking of renting a room in someone's house. Use these questions to bring up issues that will be important for your evaluation of different living options. Ask as many questions as possible before signing a lease.

  • Is my room furnished? May I bring my own bed? If so, will it fit?
  • What cleaning responsibilities are expected of me?
  • Who will clean common areas (bathroom, kitchens)?
  • May I have access to a pre-installed phone or should I have my own phone line installed?
  • Can I connect to the Internet if I have a computer?
  • What level of security do you practice in your house? (locks on doors/windows, security system, etc).
  • Have you ever had a pest control problem?
  • Do you have air conditioning? If not, may I put in an air conditioner?
  • Can I hang things on the walls? May I use adhesive on the walls/ceilings?
  • Do I have access to a washer/dryer?
  • Is there any other area (besides my personal space) that I may use as storage?
  • Where can I park my car?
  • Will my guests have a place to park?
  • Are you planning on any construction or remodeling?
  • What are my financial obligations?
  • Do you provide a written lease or should I?
  • Do you have a contact number for past lessors as a reference?
  • What utilities will I need to pay?
  • Does the rent include laundry priviledges?
  • Does the rent include parking?
  • Do you only lease to students?
  • Is this unit zoned for student housing?

Questions Specific to a Room in a Private Home

  • Do I have to be home by a specific time?
  • Do I need to let you know when I am not coming home?
  • What other chores are expected of me, and how often?
  • Do you have any pets? May I have pets?
  • Does anyone in the house smoke? May I or my guests?
  • May I drink alcohol in the house?
  • Do I have a lock on my bedroom door with a key? If not, may I put one on my door?
  • Do I have my own key to the house?
  • Do I have my own bathroom or do I share a bathroom?
  • May I use your kitchen to store food? Cook?
  • May I play my music?
  • May I have a computer/Do I have access to a computer?
  • May I use your television or do you prefer I have my own television?
  • What entrance do you prefer I use?
  • May I have daytime or overnight guests?
  • May I have guests of the opposite sex (overnight)?
  • Is there a limit to the number of guests I may have at one time?
  • Who else will be living in the house? Will this remain the same?
  • How well does everyone get along in the house currently?
  • What are your expectations in concern of kitchen use, cooking, refridgerator, etc?
  • What are expectations in regard to curfews?
  • What are your expectations in regard to music listening, volume, etc?
  • What is your policy in regard to visitors and overnight guests?
  • Do you have any religious/spiritual expectations that I should know about?
  • What is your policy in regard to bathroom privileges i.e. shower, hot water, water, electricity, etc?
  • What is your policy in regard to privacy - locks on doors?
  • What is your policy in regard to phone privileges?
  • How many people live here? Plans to add more?

Many rooms in a family house are informal contracts. Please protect yourself and the items above in writing along with the appropriate lease contents. Landlords should appreciate you being responsible in protecting both interests.

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