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Guide to Residential Living

Room Decoration

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Guide to Residential Living

202 Lawrence Center
West Chester, PA 19382

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Phone: 610-436-3307 or 610-436-3306
RESNET (in room computer access): 610-436-2660 or

When contacting us, please provide the following information:

  • Student's Name
  • WCU ID
  • Return phone # and/or email address
  • Hall/Room Assignment
  • Brief synopsis of question or concern

Having this information can allow us to attempt to answer your question expeditiously.

About Us & Staff

Room Decoration

It is the hope of the RLHS Staff that you will be able to personalize your room and/or apartment/suite and make it a "home away from home" during your stay on campus. However, to protect the condition of your surroundings from damage and in consideration of future residents, the following guidelines are in effect:

  • Residents of all housing facilities should use non-permanent, non-staining adhesive materials to hang decorations where wall moldings do not exist.
  • Under no circumstances should holes be drilled or placed in any walls or ceilings. No heavy-duty adhesives such as duct tape should be used in any housing facility.
  • No decorations should be hung or suspended from ceilings, fire alarm, sprinkler system or electrical systems.
  • Use of inappropriate adhesives or the non-removal of appropriate materials will result in damage charges being assessed to all responsible residents.
  • Room doors should not be wrapped. The room number and at least half of the door must be showing. Items placed on the outside of room doors must meet acceptable community standards (See Advertising Policy for more details)
  • Waterbeds, portable Jacuzzis and any other large water holding containers are prohibited in any housing facility for any purpose.
  • Cinderblocks, bricks or similar materials should not be used in housing facilities, including to raise beds, desks or other pieces of university furniture.
  • Municipal, state, street signs, neon signs, etc. are prohibited in the halls.

Room Setup Example

Holiday Decorating Guidelines

In order to minimize the potential fire hazards associated with some holiday seasons, the following decoration guidelines should be followed for the protection of those students living in the residence halls and apartments.

  • Students are allowed to have artificial trees in their rooms and apartments. Strings of electric miniature lights are permitted on trees unless the tree is metallic (aluminum). Live or cut trees are strictly prohibited.
  • All electrical decorations should bear the UL label and should only be used as rated for either indoor or outdoor use. All Cords and lighting strings should be checked for fraying, bare wires, loose connections and cracked plugs. These may be displayed within a student room only, not on the hallway side of a room door or the outside of an apartment/suite.
  • Students should use only the Fire Shield power strip provided by the University in their room. Additional Fire Shield units may be purchased in the S.S.I. Bookstore in sykes Union if needed.
  • Candles or any other source of open flame are prohibited for any decoration or ceremonies.
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