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Guide to Residential Living

Room Changes

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Guide to Residential Living

202 Lawrence Center
West Chester, PA 19382

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Phone: 610-436-3307 or 610-436-3306
RESNET (in room computer access): 610-436-2660 or

When contacting us, please provide the following information:

  • Student's Name
  • WCU ID
  • Return phone # and/or email address
  • Hall/Room Assignment
  • Brief synopsis of question or concern

Having this information can allow us to attempt to answer your question expeditiously.

About Us & Staff

Room Changes

If you have University Housing, you may make room changes during a designated period in the beginning of each semester, as well as between semesters, depending on the availability of space in the traditional residence halls and apartments. Some emergency exceptions to this rule are made with the permission of your Resident Director/Graduate Hall Director. If you feel that your situation is an emergency, you must make an appointment to see your RD/GHD to discuss your concerns. Under normal circumstances you will be expected to wait until this designated period to make a room change. Special procedures for room and hall changes will be explained to you by Residence Life and Housing Services staff. Look for posters in your building explaining the room change procedure.

If you have Affiliated Housing, please refer to the affiliated housing occupancy agreement for the fee that applies for a room change.

Unauthorized Room Changes

Room changes without RD/GHD approval are NOT permitted. All room changes need to follow proper procedure and must be conducted during the room change period at the beginning of each semester or between semesters. Any student who changes rooms or apartment/suites without first obtaining the written approval of the Resident Director/Graduate Hall Director or University Student Housing staff will immediately be moved back into the originally assigned room or apartment/suite and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Consolidation Policy

The University has developed the following policy regarding room consolidation.

  1. The University reserves the right to consolidate two students who are occupying standard double rooms privately, or residents of two partially occupied apartments.
  2. The University reserves the right to consolidate two students who each sign up individually for a double room on the same floor or in the same residence hall during the Room Selection process.
  3. A student who is required to consolidate will need to do either of the following:
    1. Have another student in a similar situation move into the unoccupied or unassigned space in their room or apartment
    2. Move into an unoccupied or unassigned space in another student's room or apartment.

Extended Housing Policy

In an attempt to accommodate as many students as possible in University housing, the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services reserves the right to place students in triple rooms (a designed double room with three students) or in study lounge rooms. Historically, there are always students who do not notify the University that they will not be attending. If the University waits to confirm these spaces before housing is offered to students requesting to live on campus, many students would have to make other living arrangements.

The University believes that the benefits of living on campus (closeness to classes and services, the opportunity to meet other students, and the opportunity to get involved in campus activities) outweigh the temporary inconvenience of living in extended housing. The University is committed to moving students out of extended housing situations as soon as spaces become available.

Students living in a triple housing situation will receive a reimbursement of one third of the room rate for every week that they live in triple housing. This reimbursement will be posted to a student's account after the student has been accommodated in a permanent room assignment.

The University provides staff and services to support students living in extended housing. All students living in triples and study lounges will be contacted by the Resident Director/Graduate Hall Director within the first week of the semester and will attend a meeting by the end of the second week of the semester. This meeting will outline the process and timeline for moving students into a permanent room assignment. In addition, the Resident Assistant on the floor is available to answer questions and address concerns that may arise.

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