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Guide to Residential Living

Quiet Policy

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Guide to Residential Living

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Quiet Policy

Courtesy and Quiet Hours

Living in close quarters with other people requires extra sensitivity as to how your behavior affects others. Every resident has the right to a living environment that allows for adequate sleeping and studying conditions. With this right, there is also the responsibility for monitoring your behavior so as not to violate the rights of others.

A quiet policy is in effect in all housing facilities during the week. All areas have 10:00 p.m. - 10:00 a.m. Quiet hours Sunday through Thursday; and midnight - 10:00 a.m. Quiet hours Friday and Saturday. The exception is the third floor of Killinger Hall, which is a designated quiet floor. During quiet hours, noise from televisions, music players, stereos, voices, etc. must not reach levels that can be heard by other community members. For example, if the noise from your room can be heard from two doors away from your room, it is too loud. Residents always have the right to require that noise be reduced to allow them to sleep or study. This policy is most effective if you remember to be considerate of others and to confront directly those who are disturbing you. Both you and staff members are expected to confront those making "unreasonable" noise. When a resident violates the quiet policy or when someone is unreasonable or uncooperative, that student will be subject to disciplinary action.

Courtesy Hours are hours when the quiet policy is not in effect. During Courtesy Hours you must still be conscious and considerate of your noise level as you are expected to keep your noise at reasonable levels (i.e. Noise should not be heard down the hall, your bass should not be heard in the next room, etc.). Residents still have the right to require that noise be reduced to allow them to sleep or study. At no time is it acceptable for noise to be heard outside of the building. Speakers in the windows, for the purpose of providing music for people outside, are not permitted.

Please note that residents can be documented for violating both the Courtesy and Quiet Hour Policies.

Quiet Hall

For an environment especially conducive to study, quiet hall hours have been established. From 6:00 p.m. on Sundays until noon on Fridays and from midnight to noon on weekends, a quiet atmosphere is observed. In these areas, music players, stereos, televisions, video games, etc. may only be played while room doors are fully closed and should not be heard outside of the room. Group activities of any type are permitted only in student rooms and only if other residents are not disturbed. Any student who repeatedly violates these guidelines as outlined in the Quiet Hall Agreement will be asked to leave the quiet floor or hall.

Alarm Clocks

Students should be aware that alarm clocks are often a source of nuisance noise when left "on" and unattended. Students who repeatedly leave their alarm clock on and unattended may be subject to disciplinary action.

Musical Instruments

Students may only practice musical instruments in their room if the quiet and courtesy hour guidelines are adhered to (i.e. Instruments should not be audible in other residents' rooms). Softer instruments may be played in the residence hall rooms. Some examples of these instruments include acoustic guitars, woodwind instruments, string instruments, etc. Electrical instruments may be played within student rooms only if earphones are used. The following instruments should not be played in student rooms: drums, horns, amplified instruments, electrical instruments without earphones, etc. These instruments can be played in the practice rooms available in the Swope Music Building.

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