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Guide to Residential Living

Alcohol and Drug Policies

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Alcohol and Drug Policies

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase, possess or consume alcohol. It is also illegal for any one to use or possess controlled drugs. At West Chester University, it is illegal for any student, regardless of age, to possess or consume alcohol on campus or to return to campus under the influence.

Residence Life and Housing Services and Public Safety staff members will enforce the State law and rules of the University as follows:

  • A member of the RLHS or Public Safety staff may enter a student's room for visual inspection when there is reasonable suspicion of a rule violation.
  • Possession of alcohol or drugs will result in disciplinary action and may result in criminal action.
  • Any student responsible for organizing or providing a location for a gathering where alcohol is served, shall be referred for disciplinary and possible criminal action. Any student in attendance where alcohol is served, whether they have been consuming or not, shall be referred for disciplinary action.
  • Any person responsible for having a keg of beer or like quantity of alcohol in a housing facility shall be subject to loss of housing or suspension from the University.
  • Any student responsible for having drugs, drug paraphernalia or furnishing drugs may be subject to loss of housing or suspension from the University.
  • Since alcohol is not allowed on our campus, collections or displays of alcohol containers of any sort are prohibited. Empty alcohol containers, even for decorative or sentimental reasons, are not allowed.
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