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Guide to Residential Living

Advertising & Solicitation

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Guide to Residential Living

202 Lawrence Center
West Chester, PA 19382

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Phone: 610-436-3307 or 610-436-3306
RESNET (in room computer access): 610-436-2660 or

When contacting us, please provide the following information:

  • Student's Name
  • WCU ID
  • Return phone # and/or email address
  • Hall/Room Assignment
  • Brief synopsis of question or concern

Having this information can allow us to attempt to answer your question expeditiously.

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Advertising & Solicitation

Residence Hall Advertising Policy

The Office of Residence Life and Housing Services is committed to helping students and student organizations promote their activities. However, it is also our responsibility to control the level of advertising within our facilities to provide a safe and attractive environment for our residents. Consequently, the following policy has been established to address non-Residence Life and Housing Services related advertising in the residence facilities.

  1. All fliers or posters to be hung in residential buildings (halls or apartments) must be approved and stamped in the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services, 202 Lawrence Center and should be presented for approval 48 hours before the advertising campaign begins (not 48 hours before the event begins). Approval will be given only to student organizations promoting their events and activities. Also, only a limited number of copies will be stamped for each facility. Photocopied or duplicated versions of the official RLHS Stamps are NOT acceptable stamps of approval.
  2. Posters will not be posted if they promote or display drugs or alcohol (beer, wine, mixed drinks and alcohol-related paraphernalia), are sexist or discriminatory, or violate the University's Student Code of Conduct.
  3. Posters must not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color, national origin, age, marital status, or status as a disabled person. Posters that discriminate will not be displayed.
  4. The approved and stamped fliers must be counted out in the amounts appropriate for the locations where you would like them displayed and will be left in the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services for distribution by our staff. RLHS staff will assume responsibility for making sure that they are posted in appropriate locations throughout the building/complex.
  5. Postings that are not approved or are posted in inappropriate locations will be removed immediately. Organizations that post their own fliers may lose their posting privilege. Outside businesses will not be permitted to post or distribute any material in the residence hall. In addition, RLHS will not allocate any funds to purchase items from business that violate the Advertising Policy.
  6. Fliers and/or other advertisements may not be distributed to student's rooms or apartment/suites. Distribution through student mailboxes must have the approval of the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee, but will only be granted in unique circumstances.
  7. Postings will be removed immediately after the event occurs, or after a reasonable amount of time if it provides information about an ongoing activity.
  8. Announcements will be made over the residence hall Public Address system only under certain circumstances. Hall related announcements must be approved by the Resident Director/Graduate Hall Director or Graduate Assistant/Head Resident Assistant. Announcements for student organizations must have the approval of the group's advisor and be forwarded to the Resident Director/Graduate Hall Director. No announcements will be made for individual students or for non University related activities.


University students, faculty, staff and individuals not affiliated with the University may not solicit or sell commercial products or services on campus without the prior approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.This does not include fund-raising events conducted by officially recognized University organizations. However, these organizations must have theapproval of the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services in order to solicit the students or sell any product or service in the residence halls or at the South Campus Complexes. The form necessary to receive approval can be obtained in the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services in 202 Lawrence Center.

Any approved solicitation or selling in the residence halls is restricted to the main lobbies and should never occur on resident floors.

In the residence halls, food and non-alcoholic beverages ordered from local establishments may only be delivered to the main lobby of the hall.

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