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Student Health Services

Wellness Promotion Program

Contact Student Health Services  

Student Health Services

Commonwealth Hall, Ground Floor

Mailing Address:
Student Health Services
715 S. New Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-2509
Fax: 610-436-3148
Email: SHS does not use email for sharing confidential information. Do not email provider's directly.
Use this email for general questions only. Call 610-436-2509 with specific questions.

Wellness Promotion Programming

Keep the members of your club/organization/floor healthy this school year! Invite WCU’s office of Wellness Promotion to give a presentation or facilitate a program at one of your meetings. Presentations can be tailored to fit your needs. Do not see anything on the menu that works? Let us know! We can also create programs based on your needs.

To request a program, please fill out the Program Request Form . If you have any questions or if you have suggestions about programming, please contact the

Wellness Office

Green Dot Bystander Training

Greed Dot logo

The Problem

We know violence is a silent epidemic happening on our campus and in our community. Think of a map of West Chester, including the campus and the rest of the borough. Now, imagine red dots, appearing on the map, for every act of power-based violence. The timely warnings you read. The moment someone hits their partner. On our campus, 53 incidents of sexual misconduct were reported in 2013-2014. Nationally, 1 in 5 women experiences sexual assault in college. We know 1 in 6 men will experience sexual assault in their lifetime. Acts of power-based violence, like sexual assault, are affecting you and your peers on our campus.

A Solution

We don't have to accept these instances of violence. We can work together- men and women; faculty, staff, and students- to end power-based violence. Green Dots on the map are moments in time where someone stood up and said "I'm not ok with this." A moment where someone stopped two people from having sex without consent. A moment where someone checked in on a friend in an abusive relationship.

We know there are more people who have the potential to do Green Dots than people who do Red Dots. If everyone does just 1-2 Green Dots, we can work together to change the culture of power-based violence on our campus.

Contact Sherry Mendez or Alicia Hahn to discuss and schedule a Green Dot training.

Alcohol Education

All programs avoid judgment and lectures. Learn practical ways to stay safe, healthy, and trouble-free if you choose to drink.

Ram Root Beer Pong Tournament

Are you an expert pong player? Grab a partner and test your pong skills and your knowledge while sober and earn a chance to win some awesome prizes.

CUPP: Creative University Party Planning: Happy tonight, No Headaches Tomorrow

Gather your club, team, or friends. Together, you'll figure out how to maximize fun and minimize fines when throwing your next party.

Drunk or Dying: How to tell the difference and help a friend

Learn to recognize the signs of acute alcohol intoxication so you will know what to do and when to act.

General Health and Wellness Topics

Things Piling Up Jenga

Feel like life is piling up on you? Don't let everything come crashing down. Learn how to manage your time and your life with a giant game of Jenga!

Catch Some Zzz's

Did you know that getting more sleep can improve your grades? Make a plan for a better night's sleep while dream journaling or dyeing pillowcases.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health Jeopardy

Think you know everything there is to know about condoms, sexually transmitted infections, and protecting yourself? Put your knowledge to the test in this game show.


Condom Olympics

Calling all WCU Olympians! Put your condom skills to the test in a head to head battle at the Condom Olympics. Do you have what it takes to win the Condom Olympic Gold?


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