Student Health Services


Allergy Injections

Students who are receiving desensitization injections prescribed by their physicians at home can receive their injections at the Student Health Center.

Important Documents:

Allergy Injection Policy:

  1. The Student is to bring in their own serum with written instructions from the allergist. Do not mail in serum or instructions to the health center. All serum mailed to the Health Center will be returned to sender. The Health Center is not responsible for mailed materials that are lost, not refrigerated, over-heated, or otherwise damaged.
  2. Allergy injections are given by appointment and only when a physician is present. Please check with the Health Center for times when Allergy Clinic is open.
  3. The student is responsible for keeping an allergy injection schedule. If the student is consistently late for allergy injections or consistently misses scheduled appointments, this will result in a review of the student's eligibility to continue to receive allergy injections at the Health Center.
  4. The student must wait in the Health Center for 30 minutes after an allergy injection. A registered nurse is required to check the injection site/s after 30 minutes. If the student does not wait 30 minutes, The Health Center will not give the student any more allergy injections.
  5. If you are ill, the appointment for an allergy injection should be rescheduled. Acute illness, active infection, flu, upper respiratory infection, sore throat, recent immunization or flu shot, and asthma attack within the past week are all reasons to delay an allergy injection.
  6. The first does of a new allergy serum (not increased concentrations of the same allergen), must be given by the student's allergist.
  7. If a student has a systemic reaction to allergy serum, no additional allergy injections will be given by the Health Center until the student is evaluated by his/her allergist.
  8. Although an occasional call to the allergist is unavoidable, the health center does not routinely call allergists. It is the responsibility of the student to call the allergist for any questions regarding his/her allergy shot.