Addendum to Occupancy/Lease Agreement: On-Campus Housing COVID Rules and Regulations - updated January 2021

This document is a COVID-19 Health and Safety Addendum to the West Chester University Student Housing Agreement. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all students who intend to live in University student housing are required to sign and comply with the Rules and Regulations contained in this Addendum, and those that may be added as stated below. It is expressly made part of the Occupancy Agreement that you signed previously by reference to the “published regulations of West Chester University” and the University’s “Guide to Residential Living”

 If you do not wish to agree with the terms of this Addendum, please notify the Housing Office immediately; you will not be permitted to live in University Housing, but you will be permitted to receive a refund for any amounts paid toward the upcoming semester.


Students play a critical role in helping the community mitigate the infection and spread of the Coronavirus. The resident agrees to abide by the following Rules and Regulations. Should any resident violate the University’s Rules and Regulations as agreed to herein, the University reserves the right to temporarily remove the resident from campus housing until the conduct matter has been resolved. 

Students living on-campus, their parent/guardian/guarantor (to the extent they are a party to this Agreement), and all guests in on-campus housing facilities will be required to follow the rules and regulations outlined by West Chester University in this Agreement and any policies or directives issued after this Agreement is signed, as described herein.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they follow all federal, state, county, local, and university policies, rules, and regulations as communicated to students by email or via Student Community Agreements.

1.      Move-in / Move-out Days. We know family and friends may be assisting on this big day and encourage you to get photos outside on campus to mark the occasion. Please plan for a maximum of three (3) people, properly wearing face masks over their nose and mouth, to assist with move in. The guest restriction will be suspended for the designated time you are moving in.

2.      Mask. Everyone must wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth when entering on-campus residential facilities. Masks must always be properly worn when in shared areas of the building including but not limited to lounges, hallways, bathrooms, shared area kitchens, computer labs, etc. Masks shall conform to CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines. The use of a face shield only does not meet the requirements of a face mask. All on campus students are required to wear masks outdoors when they are not able to maintain social distancing requirements.

3.      Social Distancing. In addition to wearing a mask, there are several different requirements for social distancing.

a.      All students must comply with the social distancing signage of taped off areas throughout all residential facilities.

b.      Whenever possible, students must maintain at least 6 feet distance from others and agree to observe occupancy restrictions in shared areas such as computer labs, lounges, and fitness centers.

4.      Symptom Screening. Students residing on campus may be required to complete symptom screening based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Pennsylvania Department of Health guidance and/or orders. Students residing on campus will be provided notice by email when any symptom screening requirements have been enacted, modified, or withdrawn.

5.      Surveillance Testing. Pursuant to their authority under Act 188, Presidents of State Universities may authorize mandatory COVID-19 testing for their residential students. Students residing on campus will be provided notice by email when any testing requirements have been enacted, modified, or withdrawn. If you reside on campus during the Spring 2021 term, you should expect to be required to undergo regular COVID-19 testing.

6.      Requirements for those experiencing symptoms of illness. Should you experience symptoms potentially related to COVID-19 (for example, a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, or other or symptoms as defined by the CDC), you agree to seek medical attention promptly and follow all medical advice.  If medical advice dictates, you agree to promptly quarantine/isolate at your permanent home or work with the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services to access designated campus housing. If you are symptomatic and tested for COVID-19, you will self-report by completing the designated University report form.

7.      Exposure. If you have been notified that you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you agree to promptly seek and follow all medical advice, and quarantine for 14 days at your permanent home or work with the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services to access designated campus housing. You also agree to quarantine during any period which you are awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test. Depending on circumstances you may be required to leave your current apartment and quarantine in an identified university space. If you believe you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you agree to promptly seek medical advice concerning the potential exposure. If you are symptomatic and tested for COVID-19, you will self-report by completing the designated University report form. 

8.      Outbreak. If an outbreak is identified by the state or local health department, you agree to follow all emergency procedures which can include but are not limited to immediate self-isolation, quarantine, or move out.

9.      Building Access. Residence Halls will only have one entrance/exit available at all locations, except for emergency evacuations. After swiping into the building, you will need to check-in at the front entrance with a WCU/USH staff member each time you enter the building. Residents may be required to wait in line to be checked into the building and observe appropriate social distancing requirements in the process.

10.  Notes on Common Areas. Some areas of the residential facilities may be closed for the duration of the academic year. You agree to follow occupancy restrictions and closure signage throughout all residential facilities.

11.  Hygiene. You agree to take extra steps to wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day after touching public surfaces.

12.  Elevators. Students will be required to follow occupancy guidelines posted on each elevator. We encourage students to take the stairs when possible and observe social distancing requirements in the process.

13.  Expectations for Family Unit Interactions.

a.      Because of the nature of the residential facilities, there are less restrictive requirements for interactions with roommates and other groupings of students. This Agreement defines those groups to whom such less restrictive requirements apply as a “family unit.”

b.      For purposes of this Addendum, a family unit is defined as a group of students who share an apartment, suite, or bathroom. Traditional residence hall students who share a common hall bathroom are considered a family unit.

1.      What is required of individuals in the same “family unit”?

  1.         Suite and apartment residents will be required to clean their own bathrooms and shared area spaces.
  2.         Traditional residence hall students will be required to wipe down the bathroom area after each use.
  3.         If a WCU employee or affiliated partner needs to access your room, apartment, or suite, you must wear a face mask during their visit.

2.      What is not required of individuals in the same “family unit” while in a room, apartment and or suite

  1. A face mask is not required.
  2. Maintaining 6 feet of social distancing is not required.




Considering our community members' health and safety and supporting a responsible reopening of the Apartments in January and Residence Halls in March, the university plans to implement the guest policy for the Spring 2021 semester in stages. We recognize that guests are an integral aspect of the residential life experience, and so we will evaluate each stage's progress to ensure it is safe to move to the next. Our ability to progress to the next stage or revert to a stage will rely heavily on the public health landscape and how well all residents follow all applicable university policies concerning COVID-19. Residents should not assume a progression to a more open stage and must wait for official notice of progression from Residence Life professional staff. This measured approach will be presented in stages with the hope that we can safely return to our original guest policy. More detailed information on each stage will be published as we prepare to enter that stage, but the initial guest policy will be as follows:

Guest Privileges will be Initially Suspended. After you have completed your move in, to protect the residential community, guests will not be permitted.  It is our hope to restore guest access at some point in the spring semester, however, that will depend on the spread of the virus in our community.  Ongoing monitoring of the health and safety of the community will occur continually. We expect that it guest privileges are reinstated, residents should expect strict limitations, which will be communicated at that time. 



Because of the overriding concern for the health and safety of our community, WCU reserves the right to amend, modify, delete, or add new and additional rules and regulations to the use and care of the facilities in furtherance of those health and safety concerns. Such updates and amendments will be emailed to residents and posted within the residential facilities. 

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