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Green Dot

Tools and Resources

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Green Dot

Tools and Resources

Tools and Materials

Let others know you are committed to power-based personal violence prevention. Download the materials below to incorporate Green Dot into your office space, courses, email signature, social media postings, and other electronic materials. Looking for something specific? Contact us!


Faculty and staff toolkits contain resource information and ideas to help you incorporate Green Dot into your sphere of influence including:

  • Social media postings
  • Course discussions or assignments
  • Conversation starters
  • Ideas for further engagement

Have ideas to add to the toolkits? Let us know!

Graphics and Posters

WCU Green Dot "Ask Me" Logo

GreenDot Do Something Logo

Be part of the culture change of WCU. Add the Green Dot logo to your email signature, websites, PowerPoint slides, and more.

WCU Green Dot Sticker

Green Dot Ask Me Logo

Attended Green Dot training? Help us spread the message of Green Dot by using the "Ask Me About Green Dot" logo.

WCU Green Dot Banner

GreenDot Do Something Banner

The Green Dot banners make great email signatures and social media cover photos. Download a banner and display your commitment to preventing power-based personal violence at WCU.

WCU Green Dot Poster

Green Dot Poster

Download the poster to display in your workspace, or add the graphics to your email signature, social media accounts, and other electronic materials.

Brand Guidelines

  • You may not use any of the WCU Green Dot graphics for resale or any other commercial gains.
  • You may not alter or attempt to recreate any of the WCU Green Dot graphics. Official graphics are available on this page or by contacting
  • The official colors for WCU Green Dot are as follows:
    • Light Green
      • Pantone 364 CP
      • C: 81 • M: 17 • Y: 100 • K: 4
      • R: 45 • G: 149 • B: 62
      • #2D953E
    • Dark Green
      • Pantone 363 CP
      • C: 84 • M: 32 • Y: 100 • K: 21
      • R: 40 • G: 112 • B: 42
      • #28702A

Please Note: If you would like to use any of the WCU Green Dot graphics, and are unsure of the practices, please email


While Green Dot is about stopping and preventing acts of power-based personal violence, we know that there are still people who either have or will be impacted by such acts. For those who have experienced acts of power-based personal violence, help and support is available.

On Campus Resources

Confidential Resources*

Non-Confidential Resources

*Offices indicated above as confidential are the only confidential resources on campus. All others offices/staff members not listed above are required to report instances of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.

Off Campus Resources

Confidential and available 24 hours

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