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Workshop and Training Dates

Green Dot 6-hour trainings on hold for Fall 2020 Semester. However, we are holding virtual overview sessions.

If interested in overview session for class, organization, or group, please fill out interest form on "Get Involved" page.

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Do you want to be part of a community where violence is not tolerated and everyone is expected to do their part? If your answer is yes, then join the over 1000 WCU students, faculty, and staff who joined the Green Dot Movement!

A green dot is your individual commitment to keeping red dots off our campus map. Red dots are moments when people use their words, choices, or actions to lead to power-based personal violence (PBPV). PBPV are forms of violence that use power, control, and/or intimidation to harm another. At WCU, we are focusing on partner violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

A green dot can be as simple as asking a friend if they need help, walking up to a couple who is arguing to ask for directions, or directly confronting a situation that makes you uncomfortable. No matter what you do, if we all do something, we can all make a difference in preventing PBPV at WCU and in our community.

No one has to do everything. Everyone has to do something. What's your Green Dot?

About Green Dot

Why Green Dot?

Too many people are being hurt on our campus by acts of violence. Green Dot is about changing that. Green Dot is about reacting when we see or hear something which puts someone at risk, and it is also about being proactive to change the message and culture at West Chester University around violence.

All over West Chester University, students, faculty and staff are helping to send a very clear message that:

  1. Violence is not okay, and
  2. Everyone is expected to do their part.

What is a Red Dot?

A Red Dot is an act of power-based personal violence:

  • Dating/Domestic Violence: Abusive behavior one person in a relationship uses to control the other. It can be verbal, physical, sexual or emotional.
  • Sexual Assault: Any type of sexual contact, touching or behavior that happens without consent of the recipient.
  • Stalking: A series of behaviors targeted at an individual that would cause a reasonable person to feel afraid. These behaviors can happen within a known relationship (i.e., dating or ex-dating relationships; casual acquaintances) or be committed by a stranger.

What is a Green Dot?

A Green Dot is any behavior‚ choice‚ word‚ or attitude that promotes safety for all of us and communicates zero tolerance for violence. A green dot is:

  • Pulling a friend out of a high risk situation
  • Displaying Green Dot or resource information in your room or office
  • Encouraging discussion in class about violence prevention
  • Using your social media accounts to spread the word about Green Dot
  • Getting your organization to host an overview speech, or encouraging your members to go to Green Dot Bystander Training
  • Striking up a conversation with a friend or family member about how much the issue of violence matters to you
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