Continuous Open Bidding MRABA


Campus Name:

Campus Address:

Phone Number/Email:

The                       (Chapter Name) of                  (Organization Name, by itself or by its agents, extends this invitation of membership ("bid") to you.

This form is called the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement ("MRABA"). It is a contract with the National Panhellenic Conference ("NPC") and both parties will have access to the signed agreement.

By signing the MRABA, I understand and agree that each of these statements is true:

Initial each statement.

  I am willing to accept a bid from the sorority named above.

  My bid is pending. The College Panhellenic Association and my institution must confirm that I am eligible to join.

If I am not eligible to join, this bid may be revoked.

  After signing this MRABA, I cannot accept any other bid until the beginning of of the next primary recruitment process on this campus.

  I have never been initiated into an NPC sorority. I understand that if I join an NPC sorority and choose to become an initiated member of that sorority, I cannot join another NPC member organization, regardless of any circumstance.

I have read and understand this MRABA. I agree to its terms and I am bound by its terms.



This MRABA must be filed with the College Panhellenic within one (1) business day of the date it was signed.

REVISED: January 2021 | 3873120

NPC Manual of Information July 2023 157

Last Updated 9/5/23