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Office of Student Conduct

Student Conduct Process

Contact Office of Student Conduct  

Office of Student Conduct

Ruby Jones Hall, Room 200
West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-436-3511
Fax: 610-738-0500

Ms. Christina Brenner

Policy & Process Advisor Contact Information

Conduct Process

Notice: WCU email is our primary and official form of communication.

For students who have been cited or arrested off campus, the University Judicial process is separate from the District Court process.

If a student is documented for violating University policy and/or the law, the student will go through the University conduct process. The documentation can be from:

  • Residence Life staff member (i.e. Resident Assistant)
  • University Police Officer
  • Borough or Township Police Officer
  • University student, staff, or faculty member
  • The Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Student Expectations

Below is some general information on what a student can expect going through the student conduct process. More detailed information can be found in the Student Code of Conduct . Additionally, if you would like to speak with a trained process advisor to advise and support you, their information can be found in the Policy and Process Advisor Contact Information .

  1. Student receives a Conduct Meeting Notice to discuss what happened. This letter will be e-mailed to the student's WCU e-mail account and includes:
  2. Student meets with the hearing officer to discuss the case. During the Conduct Meeting, the student may:
    • Take responsibility for violating the Code of Conduct
    • Request a formal Hearing (request must be approved by Student Conduct)
    • If a Hearing Request is approved, the student will receive information on Hearing Process Overview and Pointers along with a letter detailing the date, time and location of the hearing.
  3. Following a Conduct Meeting or Hearing, the student will receive an Outcome Letter from the Hearing Officer detailing the outcome of the case and any applicable sanctions. This letter will be e-mailed to the student's WCU e-mail account.
  4. The student may exercise the option of appeal noted at the bottom of their outcome letter based on the specific appeal reasons cited in the policy.
  5. For information about Parent Notification, please see the FAQ, "Will my parents find out?"
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