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Academic Information

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Parent Handbook

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Academic Information

General Education Requirements

A broad education must encompass experiences in oral and written communication skills, mathematics, the social, behavioral and natural sciences, and the arts; therefore, all students are required to take a liberal arts core called general education requirements. This requirement allows students freedom of choice within educationally sound limits and enables them to leave West Chester University with a well-rounded and comprehensive education. A complete review of the general education requirements is contained in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Academic Classification of Students

Your student's class designation is determined by the number of semester hours of credit earned:

  • First-Year: 0-29.5 semester hours of credit
  • Sophomore: 30-59.5 semester hours of credit
  • Junior: 60-89.5 semester hours of credit
  • Senior: 90 or more semester hours of credit


After each semester a report of each student's semester grades is available on myWCU which can be accessed through the West Chester University website and requires the student's username and password. The following grading system is used:

Grading System

Grade Quality Points % Equivalents Interpretation
A 4.00 93-100 Exellent
A- 3.67 90-92 Excellent
B+ 3.33 87-89 Superior
B 3.00 83-86 Superior
B- 2.67 80-82 Superior
C+ 2.33 77-79 Average
C 2.00 73-76 Average
C- 1.67 70-72 Average
D+ 1.33 67-69 Below Average
D 1.00 63-66 Below Average
D- 0.67 60-62 Below Average
F 0.00 59 or lower Failure
*NG     No Grade
*W     Withdrawal
*Z     Failure due to nonattendance
*Y     Administrative Withdrawal
*AU     Audit

To compute the grade point average, divide the total quality points earned by the total credit hours attempted. A student's scholastic standing at the University is indicated by his or her cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). Three categories of academic standing have been established: good academic standing, probation, and dismissal. A student remains in good academic standing as long as he or she maintains a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 for all work taken at the University. Probation and dismissal are actions taken by the University when a student's GPA falls below an acceptable level at the end of a semester. Note that certain departments may have higher minimum GPA requirements to remain enrolled in a particular major. Specific information regarding probation and dismissal can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

*Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for a more detailed explanation.

University College

Academic Development Program: Lawrence 231

The Academic Development Program is a special admissions program for students who do not meet current admission requirements but who show the potential to succeed as students at West Chester University. Features of the program include:

  • A five-week summer bridge session
  • Developmental courses and assigned tutoring to enhance skills in reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, and critical thinking
  • Professional and peer counseling
  • Individual advising

For more information, call the ADP office at 610-436-3274,

email ADP,

or visit the ADP website.

Learning Assistance Resource Center: Lawrence 224

The Learning Assistance and Resource Center (LARC) strives to provide quality academic support services that help students become independent and active learners who achieve academic success.

The LARC offers tutoring services in most general education courses such as mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, other languages, music, and introductory business. Interested students register on a first-come, first-served basis and are assigned tutors depending on availability. Supplemental instruction sessions are available in several general education and "high-risk" courses.

Academic Success Workshops demonstrate the application of learning strategies and/or skills influencing learning such as time management, test anxiety reduction, assertiveness, note-taking skills, short essay writing, finals preparation, and motivation. Online tutoring for general education math and science courses is available through Smartthinking. An access code for free online tutoring hours can be obtained through the LARC.

For more information, call 610-436-2535, 

email LARC,

or visit the LARC website.

Office of Services for Students with Disabilities: Lawrence 223

The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) offers services for students with physical and learning disabilities. The OSSD is designed to assist students to make a successful transition to the University and provide services to support their success. Services offered through the OSSD may include the following:

  • Academic coaching
  • Special summer orientation
  • Optional comprehensive needs assessment
  • Advocacy with faculty
  • Referrals for LD testing
  • Alternative test-taking arrangements
  • Priority registration

For more information, call 610-436-2564 or

email OSSD,

or visit the OSSD website.

Pre-Major Academic Advising Center: Lawrence 222

The Pre-Major Academic Advising Center offers the following services to assist students who have not yet declared a major to explore their fields of interest before entering a degree program:

  • Advice in regard to selection of courses;
  • Assistance in establishing academic and career objectives;
  • Information regarding various programs offered by the University;
  • Advising students in academic difficulty;
  • Referral to other appropriate support services;
  • Guidance in and instruction for declaring a major; and
  • Interpretation of University, school, and department regulations, rules, and requirements.

For more information, call 610-436-3505,

email Exploratory Studies,

or visit the Exploratory Studies website.

Early Alert Program: Lawrence 231

Early detection of academic difficulties allows the University to offer students access to appropriate support systems. The Early Alert Program (EAP) connects students with graduate students from the Counselor Education program who review academic concerns, suggest methods to improve academic performance, and provide information, understanding and access to other University services.

For more information, call 610-436-2535,

email early alert,

or visit the Early Alert website.

Army ROTC (Delta Company): Anderson Hall Room 331A

Army ROTC provides college-trained officers for both the active component (U.S. Army) and the reserve components (U.S. Army Reserve and the National Guard). As the largest single source of Army officers, ROTC fulfills a vital role in providing mature young men and women for leadership and management positions in an increasingly technical Army. Army ROTC classes, labs, and physical training are conducted on West Chester's campus. The West Chester Army ROTC program (D Company) falls under the supervision of the Dauntless Battalion based out of Widener University in Chester, Pa.

For more information

email CPT Richard Howett,

campus officer-in-charge, or call him at 610-430-4403.

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