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Ram's Eye View

Office of Student Conduct

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Ram's Eye View

West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-1000

Student Conduct

Location: 200 Ruby Jones Hall
Phone: 610-436-3511
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am-4:30pm

As stated in the University Mission and Values Statements, West Chester University is committed to providing a sound educational environment for intellectual pursuits. In addition, the University is concerned with developing socially responsible citizens, ensuring the welfare and freedom of all members of the University community, and protecting individual rights. The University is thus concerned with the quality of student conduct and has adopted rules and behavioral standards for its students. Disciplinary action may be imposed when a student engages in behavior, on or off campus, that is not consistent with University community standards as defined by the West Chester University Student Code of Conduct.

The Office of Student Conduct enforces the Student Code of Conduct, as found in the Ram's Eye View. Our code reflects the campus community's concerns that our students and student organizations maintain high standards. It guarantees due process and protects the individual freedom of the students, as well as requiring his or her responsibility and accountability for misconduct. The Student Code of Conduct shall be applicable to all students and student groups of West Chester University.

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