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Accepting, Declining, and Negotiating Offers

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Accepting, Declining, and Negotiating Offers

Refer to the NACE article: "Playing Fair...Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Job Seeker."

Accepting a Job/Internship Offer

Congratulations — you've received an offer! Here are some important tips:

  • Even if this is your dream job, do not accept an offer instantly! Be sure you get all the relevant details about the job, proposed start date, compensation, benefits, etc. Ask for the details of the offer in writing.
  • After expressing your gratitude for the offer and your interest in the position, always ask, "By what date do you need a final decision?"
  • You may ask for more time to make a decision, however the employer may stick firm to their deadline. Speak with a professional in the career center about how to negotiate for more time to make a decision.
  • Accept an offer in good faith, with the full intention of honoring your commitment. When you accept an offer, notify other employers (if you have outstanding offers or interviews) and withdraw from all other scheduled interviews.
  • After accepting verbally, follow up by writing a formal acceptance letter or email .
  • Remove your resume from the Resume Books in Ram Career Network.
  • Inform the TCDC of your job offer by contacting the Associate Director or Recruiting Coordinator at 610-436-2501 or


Declining a Job/Internship Offer

While it is exciting to receive a job offer, if the job is not the right fit or if you decide to accept another offer, you should always formally and professionally decline.

  • Resist the urge to decline an offer instantly when receiving a phone call. Thoughtfully consider any offer so you don't regret your decision later.
  • Telephone the contact person to thank them for their commitment of time and resources throughout the interview process. Concisely explain that you are declining the offer. Consult a career center professional about what to say or how to say it.
  • Send an email or letter briefly confirming that you have decided to decline the offer . Emphasize in this note that you appreciate the opportunity and wish them well in their search process.


Negotiating is a complex topic about which entire books have been written. We strongly recommend you make an appointment or come to drop-in hours if you have any questions about how to negotiate any aspect of a job or internship offer.

While some will say "everything is negotiable," thoughtfully consider what is most important to you. What are the things that will make or break your final decision? Focus your negotiations on a short list of important factors.

  • When receiving a job offer, ask the employer the date by which a decision is needed. You may ask for more time, knowing that they may stick to their original deadline.
  • Prior to any interview, research the salary range for the type of position and geographic location, to be best prepared for questions about your salary expectations.
  • When negotiating salary, provide a range (based on the market value, spanning perhaps $3000-$5000) rather than a single figure.
  • Salary is not the only form of compensation. Consider benefits and their value before you make a decision solely on the basis of salary; benefits can account for 30-50% in additional compensation, for items such as health care, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement programs, etc.

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