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Twardowski Career Development Center

Majors and Careers

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Twardowski Career Development Center

225 Lawrence Center
705 S. New Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-2501

Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:30pm (Fall & Spring Semesters)
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm (Summer)

The career center follows the University’s calendar for holidays, delays, and closures.

Drop-In Hours (no appointment needed):
Monday-Friday: 1:00-3:00pm

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Majors and Careers

Decision Making

Career development is a life-long process. Everyone approaches the process of choosing a major and career differently, so try not to compare yourself to those around you. Instead, focus on where you are and what will be most helpful for you.

How do I make decisions?

Making a decision can be one of the hardest parts about choosing a major or career, but your major will NOT dictate your career path! You can pursue a variety of career options with every major. The process of making a decision includes narrowing choices and then determining a course of action among several alternatives. This activity will help you evaluate what will be most helpful in your decision-making process. Please answer as honestly as possible.

Decision-Making Activity

FOCUS2 Online Quiz - Discover Your Interest Code

Whether you are trying to choose or change a major, deciding what careers you want to pursue with your major, or contemplating a career change, the Career Development Center provides several career assessments to help you identify and explore options.  These assessments will NOT tell you what you SHOULD do, but they can be helpful throughout your decision-making process.

The staff are trained to recommend which assessment(s) may be the most beneficial for you.  If you are interested in discussing career assessments, we encourage you to schedule an appointment by calling (610) 436-2501.

FOCUS2 enables you to perform self-assessment of your interest, values, personality, and skills, and how they relate to major and career options.  FOCUS2 does not require an appointment but we strongly recommend you discuss the information with a career professional.  

To use FOCUS2, you may self-register using the Access Code "wcucdc" to create a new account.

The Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are other assessments we utilize, which require appointments with career professionals.


Meet Your Major Events

Ice Breaker 2018


I.C.E. Breaker - Majors, Careers + ICE Cream!
Wednesday, September 5th, 3:00 to 4:30pm
Sykes Student Union Ballrooms A

Stop by anytime to chat with upper classmen about majors and life at WCU.  FREE ice cream and t-shirts for all attendees!

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Complete activities to help you identify your interests, skills, values, and more.

What do I enjoy doing?

Choosing a major or career that matches with your interests may help you to be more satisfied. An interest is defined as something someone is enthusiastic about or has developed a desire to learn more about. Interests can change frequently as you progress through different stages of your life. This activity will ask you some questions to identify what it is that you like to do. Please answer as honestly as possible.

Interests Activity

What am I good at?

Choosing a major or career that matches with your skills may help you to do better in your classes and be more successful. A skill is defined as an ability or talent that is acquired or developed through training, education, or experience. This activity will help you identify your current skills, the skills you feel need more development, and the skills you enjoy using. Please answer as honestly as possible.

Skills Activity

What skills do employers want? The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has defined Career Readiness as "the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace." What skills make you Career Ready?

What is important to me?

Choosing a major or career that matches with your values may help you to choose majors and careers that align with what is important to you. A value is defined as principles, standards, or qualities that influence your choices throughout life and provide guidance when evaluating options. This activity will help you rate which values are most important to you. Please answer as honestly as possible.

Values Activity

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Review what you can do with your major and learn about different types of careers.

What majors & minors are available at WCU?

WCU offers many majors and minors so that you can choose what best matches with your interests and skills. Review the list(s) and read about majors and/or minors you are considering. We recommend that you look at what topics you would be learning about and what courses you would need to complete.

Narrow Your Options

What can I do with my major?

Believe it or not, your major will NOT dictate your career path! You can pursue a variety of career options with every major. Review this site to get MANY ideas about careers related to your major(s), minor(s), and/or interests.

How can I learn about different jobs & careers?

There are many career options for you to consider, and it can be difficult to decide when you don't know what each occupation involves. Review the resources below to learn about occupations and what they entail. Information such as necessary skills, work environments, salary, and job outlook can be helpful in narrowing down your options.

Narrow Your Options - Careers

Get Connected to Professionals in the Field

WCU Shadows

Job shadowing and informational interviewing are great ways to get a first-hand perspective and more in-depth information about careers. Talk to your professors, family, and friends to see if you can identify anyone working in jobs that you are considering. The more people you can shadow and/or talk to, the better!

ProNet (Professional Network)

Join ProNet – an online network where you can connect with WCU Alumni in their field of interest. Accessed through Ram Career Network (RCN), users can reach out to a database of Alumni Volunteers to learn more about their career journey and experiences at West Chester University.

Informational Interviewing
Take a look at this PDF for tips and suggestions of making the most of a first time meeting with a professional

Informational Interviewing

How can I get involved to explore my interests & skills

Getting involved on- or off-campus is a great way to explore your interests and skills, while building valuable experience to add to your resume. You can do this through part-time jobs, internships, volunteering, participating in student organizations, intramurals, and more! Here we list just a few ways to get involved at WCU.

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Preparation & Experince

Gain insight into frequently asked questions about how to get related experience and prepare for a successful career journey. We encourage students to have conversations about these topics early in their academic career in order to best utilize their time to gain related experience.

How do I write a resume and what is a cover letter?

A successful resume summarizes your education, experiences, skills, and accomplishments. Cover letters further connect your skills to the employer needs and should be tailored to the specific opportunity.  Learn more about both documents and review samples on the Resumes and Cover Letters section of the site.

When should I complete an internship?

It is never too early to complete an internship! Some academic departments may have specific timeframes for when you can complete an internship for academic credit. However, it is recommended that you complete multiple internships to develop a variety of experiences. Learn more about internships by reviewing our resources for Jobs and Internships

How can I find and apply to internships and jobs?

The Career Development Center works with a variety of organizations who are interested in hiring WCU students and alumni. You can start your search by logging into Ram Career Network, our online career portal where employers are posting positions on a daily basis. You are also encouraged to attend our career events, which bring employers on-campus to talk with you about their organizations and opportunities. Learn more about how to find and apply to internships and jobs by reviewing our resources for Jobs and Internships.

I do not have much interview experience; how can I prepare for interviews?

Practice, practice, PRACTICE! Review sample questions and prepare responses that will emphasize your skills and accomplishments related to the position. You can schedule in-person mock interviews with the CDC as well as complete online mock interviews through Ram Career Network. Learn more about how to prepare for an interview by reviewing our resources for interviewing.

Do I need to go to graduate school?

Continuing your education with graduate or professional schools may depend on your career goals. Some careers require advanced degrees, while many others will accept a bachelor's degree. Evaluate your career goals and interests to see if graduate school makes sense for you. The Career Development Center can assist you with researching and applying to graduate or professional school, should you decide you want to go. Learn more about graduate school by reviewing our resources for graduate school.

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Reflection & Action

Consider your current situation and identify next steps in your career plans.

How can I create academic and career goals?

As you reflect on your major and career decisions, creating academic and career goals can help you continue to move forward in your career development process. We recommend creating a career action plan using SMART goals—Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely. Use the resources below to create and evaluate your academic and career goals.

SMART Career Action Plan

How do I feel about my major and career choices?

As you continue to progress through your major and career plans, take time to evaluate how you feel about the decisions you have made. Reflection is the expression of a thought or opinion from allowing oneself to think quietly and calmly. It is important to recognize and revisit an experience or previous thought, idea, or opinion. This activity will ask you some questions to evaluate how you feel about your major and career choices. Please answer as honestly as possible.

Reflection Activity

Am I confident with my career decisions?

Having confidence in your decisions is an important part of the career development process. Employers seek candidates who have career confidence, which involves passion, purpose, and a realistic career plan. Review the following resource to evaluate your career confidence and planning.

What should I do if I am thinking of changing majors or careers?

Career development is a life-long process. It is very common for people to want to change majors and careers as they identify new interests and skills. If you are considering a transition, we recommend speaking with a staff member in the Career Development Center to help you evaluate your current situation.

The Career Development Center also provides a variety of career assessments. These assessments will NOT tell you what you should do or have to do, but they can be a very helpful resource throughout your process. The staff are trained to recommend which career assessment(s) may be most beneficial for you. If you are interested in discussing this, we encourage you to schedule an appointment by calling 610-436-2501.

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