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Twardowski Career Development Center

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Twardowski Career Development Center

225 Lawrence Center
705 S. New Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-2501

Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:30pm (Fall & Spring Semesters)
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm (Summer)

The career center follows the University’s calendar for holidays, delays, and closures.

Drop-In Hours (no appointment needed):
Monday-Friday: 1:00-3:00pm

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Employer Services

Post a Job or Internship

RAM Career Network West Chester University Employer Log In

Thank you for your interest in hiring WCU students and alumni. There are no fees for these job posting services. Prior to posting your opportunity with our office, please familiarize yourself with the WCU Recruitment and Employer Policies & Guidelines .

For career-oriented positions and internships* that require college-level coursework or degree, please submit your opportunities via Ram Career Network.

For part-time, seasonal, and childcare positions, as well as any on-campus jobs (non-work study) and Research opportunities, please submit your opportunities via our Student Employment Submission Form.

You may submit part-time jobs via email, fax, or U.S. Mail options below, however these will not appear online (they will be hard copy only in binders in our office):

  • Email:
  • Fax: (610) 436-3160
  • Mail:
    West Chester University of PA
    Twardowski Career Development Center
    225 Lawrence Center
    705 South New Street
    West Chester, PA 19383

If you have any questions, please call the office at (610) 436-2501 or email

*Internships that provide course credit to students are managed by the academic departments, each of which has a designated faculty or staff member managing the program. Visit the WCU Internships website to learn more.

The Career Development Center is committed to ensuring that all students and employers are afforded every opportunity to participate in the activities of the center. If, due to a disability, you require accommodation to utilize our services, please contact the office and let us know how we may assist you.

On-Campus Interviews

Thank you for your interest in interviewing WCU students. All on-campus interviews are coordinated through Ram Career Network. Questions about the On-Campus Interview (OCI) program can be directed to our Recruiting Coordinator by calling (610) 436-2501. Please familiarize yourself with the WCU Recruitment and Employer Policies & Guidelines . For policy, salary, or offer questions, please contact the Associate Director, Preeti Singh or (610) 436-2501.

2018-2019 On-Campus Interviewing Dates:

  • Fall 2018: September 17 - November 30 (Room Reservation schedules only: Sep 17-21, Nov 26-Nov 30)
  • Spring 2019: February 11 - April 19 (Room Reservation schedules only Apr 22-26)

Inclement Weather Delays/Closings

  • Please call (610) 436-1000 for updated weather-related information. If there is a delayed opening for the University, the Career Center will open at the time indicated in the message.
  • Please call (610) 436-2501 and leave the Career Center a message about your preference for the day—to cancel interviews or your approximate arrival time. Due to students living on campus as well as off campus, we cannot guarantee that all students will be able to make their interview time. We will contact you as soon as we are in the office.
  • In the case of a University closing, no scheduled interviews will be held for that day. The Career Center will be contacting you with options to interview the students at a later date.


Eligible Recruiting Organization

Employers hiring for college-level full-time positions or internships are eligible to participate via Ram Career Network. Third-party recruiters and multi-level marketers are not eligible to participate in OCI but can advertise their vacancies through other options.

Eligible employers may request an On-Campus Interview (OCI) schedule via Ram Career Network. Schedule requests will be approved within two business days, in the order in which they are received.

Scheduling Interviews & Selecting Students

With Ram Career Network, there are detailed timeframes that guide the student selection process, based upon the type of interview schedule you create (e.g., Pre-select, Pre-select to Alternate). Each OCI job you post will have the corresponding series of deadline dates that you must follow for your interview date and schedule.

Steps for Scheduling On-Campus Interviews

Once the resume submission deadline has passed, employers should make their interview selections within two (2) days. A timely selection process is needed in order to finalize the schedule for the interview date.

Interview packets (interview schedule and the candidate resumes) for the interview day can be accessed by employers through their Ram Career Network account three (3) days before the interview date.

Schedule Changes

For any changes to an interview schedule or date, we request that employers provide at least a three (3) day notice before the interview date. Any changes after that may result in a new OCI date for the employer.

The Day of Your Interviews


We encourage interviewers to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the first interview. Because of campus parking challenges, we recommend you plan your travel to campus accordingly. If you would like the Career Development Center to provide you an interview packet, please notify us in advance.

You may bring organizational literature, brochures and other materials to distribute to students. These materials will be displayed during your visit; due to a lack of storage space, we ask that you take all materials with you at the conclusion of your visit.

Recruiters & Greeters

 Please provide the names and contact information for all representatives coming to campus. This will help us provide parking passes and directions. We request that employers bring no more than two greeters to accompany the interviewer(s); there may be two or three organizations recruiting on campus on a given date and we would like to accommodate all representatives comfortably and with minimal disruptions.

Job Offers


The Career Development Center requests that students be allowed sufficient time to carefully consider employment offers to make informed decisions.

We also request that employers inform us of any offers extended that must be withdrawn or significantly changed, as well as to inform us if any of our students renege on an acceptance of a job offer.

Facility Use

 Interview and presentation facilities arranged by the Career Development Center are to be used solely to speak to students and alumni from West Chester University who are eligible for services from our office.

The Career Development Center is committed to ensuring that all students and employers are afforded every opportunity to participate in the activities of the center. If, due to a disability, you require accommodation to utilize our services, please contact the office and let us know how we may assist you.

Events & Engagement Opportunities

All career fairs are coordinated via Ram Career Network; employers must have an account in order to participate. Registration fees for career fairs vary by event and organization type; fees are advertised within invitations and Ram Career Network. For more information about career fairs or other employer events, please contact the Associate Director, 

Preeti Singh

at (610) 436-2501.

Throughout the academic year, stay connected with WCU students and strengthen your brand on campus by hosting Information Tables and participating in special events.

Career Fair Policies


  • All informational fields of the Registration form must be completed. For the all-industry Spring Career Fair, this information is printed in a booklet given to students and alumni.
  • The WCU Non-discrimination/Affirmative Action policy on the Registration form should be initialed by a company representative. If an organization's policies are different than West Chester University's, please contact Preeti Singh at (610) 436-2501 to continue the registration process. The difference in policies will be noted with an asterisk in the Career Fair booklet.
  • Payment is expected by the deadline date of one week prior to the event in order to be confirmed for the same.

No Advance Shipping of Materials:

  • Due to a lack of storage space, we do not accept materials in advance. For any unique circumstances, please contact Preeti Singh at (610) 436-2501.


  • Registrations may be cancelled with no penalty up to 7 business days prior to the event.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations or no-shows the day of the event.
  • Outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to being confirmed for any future career fairs or recruiting events.

Day of the Career Fair:

  • Please notify us if there are any additional representatives attending that were not pre-registered. Employers must adhere to the maximum representative limit for each event or pay additional representative fee post-event.
  • Lunches for extra recruiters will be provided based on advanced registrations.

Fall 2018 Career Fairs

  • Meet the Firms Night (Accounting positions only): Thursday, September 6, 5:30-7:30pm
    Registration: $250 for a maximum of 3 representatives
  • Fall Career Fair (all industry): Wednesday, October 3, 11:00am-3:00pm
    • $250 Corporate/Government Agency: Fee includes 1 table and 3 representatives.  Additional representatives are $50 each. 
    • $75 Nonprofit:  Fee includes 1 table and 2 representatives.  Additional representatives are $25 each.

Spring 2019 Career Fairs

  • Spring Career Fair (all industry): Wednesday, February 27, 11:00am-3:00pm
    • $250 Corporate/Government Agency: Fee included 1 table and 3 representatives. Additional representativces are $50 each.
    • $75 Nonprofit: Fee includes 1 table and 2 representatives.  Additional representatives are $25 each.
  • Snow date: March 16
  • Delaware Valley Education Consortium Greater Philadelphia Teacher Job Fair: TBD 
    Location: TBD
    Official website:

 Information Tables

Information tables are a good way to increase your brand visibility on campus during the academic year. A Ram Career Network account is required to request tables. Employers can request a tabling date and time through their account using the "Events" menu. Tables are scheduled in two high traffic locations --Sykes Student Union or Lawrence Center (outside the main dining hall).


  • Employers may schedule information tables in Sykes Student Union or Lawrence Center by submitting a request through Ram Career Network. Please Note: We require a 5 business-day notice to coordinate scheduling with building administrators; input your date request in Ram Career Network accordingly.
  • Employers must comply with the WCU Non-discrimination Policy by providing their signature for our files once per year.
  • If employers choose not to sign the policy, a notation will denote this information on the website calendar.
  • Tables are scheduled subject to space availability and for maximum visibility during the allotted time. We do note schedule tables on weekends, summers or during other major events on campus.
  • Per WCU guidelines and building policies, you are asked to allow students to approach your table and to refrain from walking about in the area.
  • Any food items provided at your table may be purchased through University catering by calling (610) 436-3130.

 Special Programs & Events


At certain times of the year, the Career Development Center organizes special programs and events such as Resume Review Days, Mock Interview Days, an Etiquette Dinner, and Panel Presentations. If you are interested in any of our special programs, please speak with Associate Director Preeti Singh for participation options.  2018-19 programs:  RamsUp Your Resume, Diversity Breakfast, Mock It! (Mock Interviews), Etiquette Dinner


We have compiled a number of resources to benefit you as you engage in outreach and recruitment at West Chester University:

Creating and Managing Internship Programs

Campus Philly Internship in a Box Starting and Maintaining a Quality Internship Program


Hiring International Students

Great news! International students who have F-1 status with training or work authorization are sponsored by their college/university. Getting permission for international students to work in the U.S. is not as difficult as you might think. Most international students are in the U.S. on non‐immigrant student visas (F‐1), and federal regulations permit the employment of international students on F‐1 visas within certain limits.

Read on for more information about hiring international students with authorization for training and employment.


Professional Development

Employers can consider joining the community of employers and career centers by joining the Eastern Association of Colleges & Employers (EACE), the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges & Employers (PennACE) and/or the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE). These organizations offer employers the option to host programs at their sites, participate in conferences and network with colleagues. The Career Development Center staff actively engages in attending conferences, committee-work, and presentations for these organizations.

Location & Parking

Traffic and parking patterns are unpredictable for our visitors as well as for staff and students. Please allow extra time (up to 30 minutes) for your arrival to our center and consider carpooling; due to the growth of our student population, parking has become more limited. For directions and printable campus map, view our map .

  • Lawrence Center GPS address: 705 S. New Street, West Chester, PA 19383
  • New Street Garage: GPS address is 700 S. New Street, West Chester, PA 19383. Cost: $1.50/hour, maximum $9/day.
    • Cross S. New Street and walk around the building to the main entrance by the Diner to enter the building.
  • Meter Parking around campus is also available (Church Street, High Street, Rosedale Avenue)

The Career Development Center is committed to ensuring that all students and employers are afforded every opportunity to participate in the activities of the center. If, due to a disability, you require accommodation to utilize our services, please contact the office and let us know how we may assist you.


NACE Principles for Professional Practice

The Twardowski Career Development Center at West Chester University is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). In accordance with our commitment to maintaining the standards of this organization, the career center adheres to and expects employment professionals to adhere to principles of college recruiting articulated in the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice.


The Twardowski Career Development Center at West Chester University serves only as a clearinghouse of information regarding job and internship opportunities. The listing of a position should not be interpreted as an endorsement. Accordingly, West Chester University expressly disclaims any liability in connection with any potential or actual employment which results from any applicant's response to any job posted within Ram Career Network online or the job binders within the career center. The Career Development Center and its staff are not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or any other aspect of off-campus employment. Students and alumni should personally research openings and agencies prior to entering into any contractual arrangements or exchange of monies in any form.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Affirmative Action - Equal Opportunity Policy:  West Chester University is committed to providing leadership in extending equal opportunities to all individuals. Accordingly, the University will make every effort to provide these rights to all persons regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and veteran status. This policy applies to all members of the University community including students, faculty, staff and administrators. It also applies to all applicants for admission or employment and all participants in university-sponsored activities.

The Career Development Center will:

  1. Notify employing organizations of any selection procedures that appear to have an adverse impact based upon students' race, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and veteran status;
  2. Assist recruiters with accessing groups on campus to provide a more inclusive applicant pool;
  3. Respond to complaints of EEO noncompliance, working to resolve such complaints with the recruiter or employing organization, and, if necessary, referring such complaints to the appropriate campus department or agency. Employment professionals will cooperate with the policies and procedures of the Career Development Center, including certification of EEO compliance as well as compliance with all federal and state employment regulations.

Recruitment Guidelines

Ram Career Network is a free service for employers to post career-related, full-time, internship, and part-time positions that are appropriate for individuals with or working towards a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Students are uploaded into the system twice annually and alumni may create accounts to access job postings from employers.

Employers are able to post part-time, seasonal and temporary opportunities not requiring a degree that may be of interest to current West Chester University students via the online Student Employment Submission Form. Any jobs faxed or emailed to the office will be placed in the job binders within the center.

Approval for Registration & Job/Internship Posting through Ram Career Network
Employers who adhere to these guidelines and policies are invited to register and post positions, for free, on Ram Career Network for students and alumni. All required fields must be completed in order for accounts and postings to be approved. Please be aware that due to the high volume of postings we receive, the Career Development Center cannot create, maintain, or edit postings for employers.

Upon account approval, each employer contact will be given default access to Profile, Job Posting and Information Tables. Additional services can be requested by sending an email to If you are a third-party recruiter, please review the section on eligibility for services.

OneStop Employers in Ram Career Network will be given access to WCU default services. Additional services may be requested and will be approved if all requirements for recruiting at West Chester University are met, per this policy document.

  • Recruitment Guidelines - Read More
    • Definition of Recruiting Activities
      Recruiting activities include, but are not limited to: on-campus interviews; career fairs; information sessions and company presentations; campus information tables; and job postings communicated to students through Ram Career Network, job binders, and e-mail announcements.

      Within Ram Career Network, Employer Accounts will NOT BE APPROVED if:
      • Legitimacy of the company/organization cannot be verified through an internet search and/or correspondence with other career services professionals exposes negative reviews, "red flags," or reports of unprofessional behavior.
      • Contact email is from a personal account (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) instead of a company, agency or professional domain.
      • Contact is a current WCU student.
      • Contact does not provide a legitimate, public website, if one is available.
      • Company address is not complete and accurate and is not a recognized US-based business address.
      • Company/organization is an online resource for the purpose of promoting networking and job opportunities, including career information websites and job seeker resources.

      Within Ram Career Network, Job/Internship Postings will RECEIVE ADDITIONAL SCREENING and/or will NOT BE APPROVED if:
      • Position is non-career related including temporary, part-time, or seasonal opportunities.
      • Company profile is significantly changed after initially being approved for job postings.
      • The posting is lacking position qualifications, professional email, or application instructions.
      • Positions requiring money for training and/or supplies (e.g., the purchase of a demonstration package) do not clearly state in job postings and all written and electronic correspondence the financial obligation to candidates, specific uses of required fees, as well as whether or not a reimbursement policy exists.
      • Job seekers/employees are charged non-refundable fees (other than for licensures) by the company or other entity affiliated with the company.
      • Position requires candidates to spend money and then receive reimbursement, such as Mystery Shopper positions.
      • Position requires candidates to work in a private residence.
      • Position requires candidates to recruit other members or sub-distributors.
      • The opportunity involves on-campus solicitation including: posting of materials, door to door solicitation, or sale of products or services.
      • Flyers, posters, and promotional materials exclude company name and information.
      • The position employs students by a private individual with an un-established business and no employment or work-for-hire contract (e.g., babysitting, nanny, caretaker, personal tutor). Parties should contact outside sources, such as sitter network sites, your local paper, or (Childcare positions may be posted in hard-copy Job Binders only. Due to privacy concerns, the Career Development Center will not forward any student information to individuals or families seeking to hire for childcare.)
      • For commission-only jobs, the employer fails to fully disclose the precise nature of the work and the structure of their compensation package (salary, hourly, commission, sliding scale pay, or any other pay structure) in their job posting and all correspondence with candidates.
      • Upon request, the employer is unable or unwilling to provide written documentation of registration with a Better Business Bureau, IRS, area Chamber of Commerce involvement and/or current annual report.
      • Upon request, the employer refuses to provide references from current employees, University alumni, or clients to vouch for their organization.

Resume Book

The Resume Book enables employers to proactively search for and recruit potential candidates for their specific job and internship vacancies. Employer access to the WCU Resume Book is a simple two-step process; the employer contact must (1) have at least one current position posted within Ram Career Network and (2) speak with a member of the Employer Relations team about Resume Book usage goals. Please note that third-party recruiters are not eligible for Resume Book access (see below).


Paid vs. Unpaid: Organizations that do not intend to provide compensation for internships should review the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as the most current legal rulings related to unpaid internships. The WCU Career Development Center does not screen/review/approve internships on the basis of paid versus unpaid status; we expect employers to be responsible for adhering to appropriate compensation practices for their state, type of organization, etc. For further details, review the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Position Statement on U.S. Internships.

Academic Credit: Approval of paid or unpaid internship opportunities for academic credit must be coordinated directly with the appropriate academic department(s). The Career Development Center is not involved in approving internship opportunities for academic credit.

Third-Party Recruiters

Third-Party recruiters are defined as agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own staffing needs. This includes, but is not limited to, organizations such as employment agencies, search firms, contract recruiters, career development consultants, or on-line job posting or resume referral services. See National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice for further details and definitions.

  • The agency may not have access to the electronic resume search component (Resume Book) of the database.
  • The agency must disclose to the CDC staff the name of the company for which it is recruiting.
  • The agency may not charge applicants.
  • The agency must provide a specific description and all requirements within all job listings, including any position that is “commission only” or sales-based.
  • Third-party recruiters may not participate in on-campus recruiting to conduct hiring on behalf of their clients. If a third-party firm is hiring employees for their own staff, they are eligible to participate.

Foreign-Based Organizations

Employers that are foreign-based firms with no U.S. locations and third-party recruiters who represent foreign-based organizations with no U.S. locations will not be eligible to use Ram Career Network immediately. The employer may send the Recruiting Coordinator a minimum of two letters of reference from either two career services professionals representing accredited U.S. colleges or universities with whom the employer has worked on a professional basis, or a letter of reference from a faculty member or administrator from one of the 14 Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) universities with whom the employer has worked.

Additional Information

Volunteer/Service Learning Opportunities: Organizations seeking to recruit volunteers for service-oriented roles are asked to contact the Office of Service-Learning & Volunteer Programs at 610-436-3379.

Solicitation on Campus

University students, faculty, staff and individuals not affiliated with the University may not solicit or sell commercial products or services on campus without the prior approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee. This does not include fund-raising events conducted by officially recognized University organizations. However, these organizations must have the approval of the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services in order to solicit the students or sell any product or service in the residence halls or at the South Campus Complexes. The form necessary to receive approval can be obtained in the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services in 202 Lawrence Center. Any approved solicitation or selling in the residence halls is restricted to the main lobbies and should never occur on resident floors. In the residence halls, food and non-alcoholic beverages ordered from local establishments may only be delivered to the main lobby of the hall.

Extending Offers to Candidates

The Career Development Center requires that employers supply accurate information on their organization, employment opportunities, and compensation packages when extending an offer. Employing organizations are responsible for information supplied and commitments made by their representatives.

The Career Development Center does not have specific restrictions on when offers may be extended. The Career Development Center requests that students be allowed sufficient time to carefully consider employment offers to make informed decisions; we ask that employers communicate decisions to candidates within a reasonable time frame and communicate that time frame to the candidates.

We also request that employers inform us of any offers extended that must be withdrawn or significantly changed, as well as to inform us if any of our students renege on an acceptance of a job offer.

Employers are expected to refrain from using any undue pressure to accept the job offer or to renege on an acceptance of another offer. If conditions change and require the employing organization to revoke its commitment, the employing organization will pursue a course of action for the affected candidate that is fair and equitable, including (but not limited to) financial assistance and outplacement services. This is in accordance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Position Statement on Rescinded and Deferred Employment Offers. This document provides additional recommendations, legal considerations, and ethical considerations for employers.

Rights Reserved

In an effort to better protect West Chester University students and alumni from unethical and/or fraudulent companies/postings, Career Development Center staff reserve the right to research individual companies and postings to determine if the opportunity in question will ultimately be beneficial and meet the needs of West Chester University students/alumni. Creating a registration on Ram Career Network does not guarantee automatic approval and the right to post positions. The Career Development Center reserves the right to deny third-party recruiters access to Ram Career Network, the Career Development Center, or any on-campus recruiting activities if/when concerns about the company have been expressed by colleagues, students, alumni, faculty, or staff.

The Career Development Center at West Chester University reserves the right to investigate complaints by students, staff, or faculty about employers or jobs posted through Ram Career Network. If it is determined that a complaint is justified, the Career Development Center may choose to deny employer services and report the offending organization to appropriate agencies. The Career Development Center also reserves the right to deny any employer in violation of the above guidelines and policies.

The Career Development Center is committed to ensuring that all students and employers are afforded every opportunity to participate in the activities of the center. If, due to a disability, you require accommodation to utilize our services, please contact the office and let us know how we may assist you.

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