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Earth and Space Sciences

Academic department responsible for the education of students in the fields of earth and space sciences. 

Physical Address:
720 South Church Street, Merion 207 
Community Service:
On/Off Campus:

Student Employee (Pay Band 1)

Supervisor Contact Information
Linda Slack
(610) 436-2727
Joby Hilliker
(610) 436-3565
Position Responsibilities:
Customer RelationsCustomer ServiceData InputGeneral OfficeAccess to confidential student and faculty data files. Exposure to confidential conversations. Short-term possession of building keys to access various spaces during work shift.
Involves the following:
• Confidential or sensitive data/information
• Handling financial, student or personnel data/records
• Possessing keys/codes or other means of entry to spaces within university offices or student housing
This position will provide general assistance with:
Operation of the Geology and Astronomy Department office.
Specific duties as they relate to this department:
Greet and serve visitors to the department in person and by phone. File maintenance. Data entry requiring knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and/or Publisher for creating flyers/bulletins. Mail distribution. Open and lock offices as required. Assist with maintenance of department office, educational and lab supplies. Assist with maintenance of office equipment such as copiers, computers, etc. Assist with general maintenance of the office environment. Other duties as assigned.
Learning Outcomes:
Experience learning proper office etiquette and procedures expected in any work environment. Practice using Microsoft Office and general office equipment. Development of office social skills.