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2014 – 2015

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Revised June 2018

Graduate Programs of Study

Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program.


M.S. Biology (thesis)
M.S. Biology (nonthesis)
Certification in Biology


Certificate in Business

Communication Sciences and Disorders

M.A. Communicative Disorders

Communication Studies

M.A. Communication Studies|
Certificate in Higher Education Counseling/Student Affairs

Computer Science

M.S. Computer Science
Certificate in Computer Security
Certificate in Information Systems
Certificate in Web Technology

Counselor Education

M.Ed. Counseling: Elementary School Counseling
M.Ed. Counseling: Secondary School Counseling
M.S.: Higher Education Counseling/Student Affairs
Professional Counseling Licensure Preparation Letter of Completion
Specialist I Certificate in Counseling (Elementary or Secondary)|
Certficate in Higher Education Counseling/Student Affairs

Criminal Justice

M.S. Criminal Justice

Early and Middle Grades Education

M.Ed. Applied Studies in Teaching and Learning
M.Ed. Early Childhood Education
Certification in Middle Grades 4-8
Certification in Early Grades PK-4


M.A. English (thesis and nonthesis; concentrations: Literature; Writing, Teaching, and Criticism; and Creative Writing)

Geography and Planning

M.A. Geography
Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
Certificate in Urban and Regional Planning

Geology and Astronomy

M.A. Geoscience
Certifications in Earth and Space Science and/or General Science


M.Ed. Health: School Health
Certificate in Emergency Preparedness
Certificate in Health Care Management
Certificate in Integrated Health


M.A. History
M.Ed. History

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

M.A. Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies


M.S. Exercise and Sport Physiology (Concentration in Athletic Training)
M.S. Physical Education
Certificate in Adapted Physical Education
Certificate in Sport Management and Athletics

Languages and Cultures

M.A. French
M.A. Spanish
M.Ed. French
M.Ed. Spanish


M.Ed. Reading
Certification as a Reading Specialist
Certificate in Literacy


M.A. Mathematics (Options: Mathematics, Mathematics Education)
M.S. Applied Statistics
Certification in Mathematics
Certificate in Applied Statistics


M.M. (Concentrations: History and Literature, Theory and Composition)
M.M. Music Education
M.M. Music Performance
M.M. Piano Pedagogy
Certification in Music Education
Certificate in Kodaly Methodology
Certificate in Music Technology
Certificate in Orff-Schulwerk
Certificate in Piano Pedagogy




M.P.H. Public Health (Concentration: Nutrition)


M.A. Philosophy
M.A. Philosophy (Concentration: Applied Ethics)
Certificate in Business Ethics
Certificate in Health Care Ethics

Political Science

M.P.A. (Concentration: Public Administration)

Professional and Secondary Education

M.Ed. Secondary Education
Certification in Secondary Education
Certificate in Education for Sustainability
Certificate in Educational Technology
Certificate in Entrepreneurial Education


M.A. Psychology: Clinical
M.A. Psychology: General
M.A. Psychology: Industrial/Organizational
Clinical Mental Health Letter of Completion

Public Policy and Administration

M.P.A. (Concentrations: Human Resource Management, Nonprofit Administration, Public Administration)
Certificate in Human Resource Management
Certificate in Nonprofit Administration
Certificate in Public Administration

Social Work


Special Education

M.Ed. Special Education (Options: traditional; online; Philadelphia Campus)
Certification in Special Education
Certificate in Autism
Certification in Univeral Design for Learning and Assistive Technology (online program)

Teaching English as a Second Language

M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language
Certificate in TESL

The following departments and interdisciplinary areas offer graduate courses, but no graduate degree: Accounting, Anthropology and Sociology, Art, Chemistry, Economics/Finance, Linguistics, Management, Marketing, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical Product Development, Theatre and Dance, and Women’s and Gender Studies.