Room 119 Schmucker Science Center II
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383
Dr. Frost, Chairperson

Professors [top]

Felix Goodson, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Michael Moran, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Timothy Starn, Ph.D., Indiana University
John Townsend, Ph.D., Cornell University

Associate Professors

Mahrukh Azam, Ph.D., Seton Hall University
Roger Barth, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Melissa Betz Cichowicz, Ph.D., University of Maryland
Blaise Frost, Ph.D., University of South Dakota
Kurt Kolasinski, Ph.D., Stanford University
Joel Ressner, Ph.D., Lehigh University
Karyn M. Usher, Ph.D., Florida State University

Assistant Professors

Monica Joshi, Ph.D., Florida International University
James R. Pruitt, Ph.D., University of California

Programs of Study [top]

There are no programs leading to a graduate degree in chemistry.


Symbol: CHE unless otherwise shown. CRL indicates laboratory.

535 Pharmaceutical Chemistry (3) Through the use of case studies, the student will learn the role of the chemist in drug discovery and development. Specifically, target initiation, competitive surveillance, lead discovery and optimization, counterscreens for selectivity, pharmacokinetics, selection criteria for entering development and synthetic optimization will be elucidated. Crosslisted as PPD 535.  PREREQ: CHE 232.

544 Topics in Physical Chemistry (3) Topics of current interest in physical chemistry. Topic announced prior to registration. This course may be taken again for credit.

CRL 572 Experimental Biochemistry II (2) A second-semester laboratory course in biochemistry that stresses the use of advanced analytical instruments to characterize biologically important molecules and to eludicate their mechanism of action.

583 Clinical Chemistry Seminar (2) A course emphasizing the recent literature in clinical chemistry. Student lecture presentations and round table discussions are used. PREREQ: CHE 581.