Motor Pool/Auto Shop


821 S. Matlack Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Guidelines for Fueling Assigned WCU Vehicles at the Auto Shop

  -  WCU assigned vehicles are fueled at the self-service Auto Shop gas station located on the North side of 821. S. Matlack Street.  
  -   When using the gas card:  
    > Keep each gas card with its' assigned WCU vehicle and/or keys.  
    > Do not use a gas card to fuel another WCU vehicle, any privately-owned vehicle, or a personally-owned gasoline can.  
    > When filling gasoline or diesel cans intended to fuel campus equipment or tractors, use the card that was issued for this purpose. Do not use a card assigned to a vehicle.  
  -   When fueling a WCU vehicle:  
    > Activate the pump using the following steps:  
      . Insert the gas card into the slot,  
      . Enter the vehicle's odometer reading (rounded to the nearest whole number) and indicate which pump is being used on the keypad,  
      . Remove nozzle and switch pump lever to the "On" position.  
      . Observe these safe fueling procedures:  
      . Remember SAFETY FIRST!  
      . Do not Smoke  
      . Turn off ignition  
      . Maintain full contact between the nozzle seal and the fill spout to reduce vapor releases into the air
      . Do not top off the tank  
      . Turn off pump and return the nozzle to the dispenser cradle when fueling is completed
      . Be courteous and observe all traffic safety regulations while driving to and from the fueling site.  
    > Check all fluid levels under the hood at the time of each fill-up. Motor Pool personnel are available during working hours to assist with this, if necessary.  
  -  When on the road:  
    > Make sure the vehicle does not run out of gas. No emergency service is available for vehicles that run out of fuel.  
    > Report any missing or lost gas cards to the WCU Maintenance Garage