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Use of WCU Vehicles Procedure
  A.  Overview:  
    This procedure describes the process for reserving WCU vehicles, completing the "Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition" form, picking up the vehicle, preparing for the trip, fueling the vehicle during the trip, submitting the completed requisition form, and returning the vehicle.  
  B.  Timeliness Of Reservation Requests:  
    1.  The Motor Pool is operated for the convenience of the University community, and representative numbers and types of vehicles are available to meet the average needs of the University. Generally, the vehicles are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, the requestor should request a vehicle as soon as the need is recognized.  
    2.  The Motor Pool Supervisor or the designated representative will respond to a reservation request within 1 business day of receipt.  
  C.  Operator requirements:  
    Before issuing a WCU vehicle, the Motor Pool Supervisor or designated representative verifies that the driver:  
    1.  Has a valid operator's license,  
    2.  Is a WCU or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employee who is being paid while driving,  
    3.  Possesses a properly authorized "Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition" form,  
    4.  Is at least 21-years old.  
    5.  Is in compliance with all the provisions of the policy entitled: "WCU Vehicle Policy".  
  D.  Record Retention:  
    The Transportation Services Office retains the "Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition" form, with any Voyager card receipts attached, for 3 years.  
  E.  Responsibilities:  
    1.  Drivers:  
      a.  Drive safely; the driver can be held liable for any damages or costs caused by carelessness, negligence, or actions beyond the scope of authorized use.  
      b.  Safeguard the vehicle when unattended; turn off engine and lock the doors.  
      c.  Perform routine maintenance; check the oil, add coolant, check tire pressure etc.  
      d.  Avoid long periods of idling. Turn off the engine if you remain in one place for more than three minutes. At no time should a vehicle be left running when unattended.  
      e.  Use the most direct route to the trip's destination.  
      f.  If possible, carpool with other individuals who are traveling to the same destination.  
      g.  Pay all parking and moving violation fines that occur during the trip, immediately.  
      h.  Return the vehicle at the scheduled time; if the vehicle is not returned at the designated time and there is not a vehicle available for the next user, a vehicle will be rented from a commercial leasing company, and the driverís Cost Center will be charged those rental fees.  
      i.  Remove all personal items and clean out any litter before returning the vehicle. WCU is not responsible for the loss of or damage to personal property left in the vehicle.  
    2.  Drivers of 15-passenger vans must complete the WCU 15-Passenger Van Orientation Program and be certified to operate a 15-passenger van.  (Contact the Motor Pool Supervisor for more information.)  
    3.  Maintenance Garage Staff:  
      a.  Verifies that the driver is properly authorized to use the WCU vehicle,  
      b.  Ensures that the vehicles are properly maintained and mechanically sound when issued to a driver,  
      c.  Assigns a vehicle that meets the stated needs of the requestor, within the confines of vehicles available within the fleet,  
      d.  Adheres to the "Guidelines for WCU Vehicle Usage During Severe Weather".  
  F.  To reserve a vehicle, the requestor:  
    1.  Sends an email to the Maintenance Garage office at: autoshop @,  
    2.  Provides the following information:  
      a.  Name of the person who will be officially assigned the vehicle,
Note: If more than one person will be driving the vehicle during the trip, then all drivers must be listed.
      b.  Destination,  
      c.  The pick-up and drop-off time/ date of the vehicle,  
      d.  The type or size of vehicle that is needed for the trip,  
      e.  The SAP Cost Center number to be charged for vehicle-related costs,  
      f.  The phone number of the requestor.  
    3.  The Motor Pool Supervisor or designated representative notifies the requestor when the reservation is confirmed.  
      a.  If a vehicle is not available that meets the request, then the Maintenance Garage Representative will suggest alternative vehicles.  
      b.  If no vehicle is available, then the requestor must find an alternative means of transportation at their own expense.  
  G.  To complete the "Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition" form, the requestor:  
    1.  Enters the information on the top half of the "Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition" form (#1 - #7),  
    2.  Obtains the signature of the individual, who has Cost Center signing authority so that vehicle expenses can be reimbursed to the Maintenance Garage account (#8)  
    3.  Obtains signature of Vice President or Dean.  
  H.  To pick-up the vehicle, the driver:  
    1.  Takes the completed form to the WCU Maintenance Garage.  (If the driver's personal vehicle is to be left in the Motor Pool area, the driver may request a Temporary Motor Pool Parking Pass.)  
    2.  Provides proof of the requirements listed in section C of this procedure.  
  I.  To Cancel the Reservation:  
    If it is necessary to cancel the vehicle reservation, then the requestor must notify the Motor Pool Supervisor as soon as possible so that the vehicle may be made available to another requestor. Cancellations less than one work day prior to the scheduled trip departure will result in the daily rate being charged to the applicable Cost Center.  
  J.  To prepare for the trip, the driver:  
    1.  Verifies that their driversí license is on-hand,  
    2.  Checks for the following items in the glove compartment:  
      •  A Voyager card,  
      •  The vehicle registration card,  
      •  A WCU "Proof of Self-Insurance" card,  
      •  Some blank "Accident Report" forms,  
    3.  Confirms that there is a roadside emergency kit in the vehicle or trunk,  
    4.  Checks that the seat, mirrors, etc. are adjusted properly,  
    5.  Learns the operation of the cruise control, windshield wipers, lights, etc.,  
    6.  Enters the beginning odometer reading (#9) and the start date of the trip (#10) on the "Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition" form,  
    7.  Reads the "E-ZPass Use While Driving WCU Vehicles" information, when toll roads or bridges are going to be traveled.  
  K.  To fuel the vehicle during the trip, the driver:  
    1.  Purchases regular, unleaded gasoline, and any other necessary vehicle-related items using the Voyager card. [Note: do not use the Voyager card to purchase food or personal items.]  
    2.  Retains all Voyager card receipts for submission with the completed "Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition" form.

NOTE: If the Voyager card is lost or stolen, please notify the WCU Auto Shop IMMEDIATELY (610) 436-2434.
  L.  To complete the rest of the "Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition" form, the driver:  
    1.  Enters the ending odometer reading (#11) and the return date (#12),  
    2.  Lists any off-campus gas, oil, or repair purchases (#13)  
    3.  Attaches the applicable Voyager card receipts,  
    4.  Notes any E-ZPass usage (#14),  
    5.  Submits any comments about the vehicle's condition (#15).  
  M.  To return the vehicle, the driver:  
    1.  Parks in the designated Motor Pool parking area, which is located in the far east row of "M" lot.  
    2.  Locks the vehicle,  
    3.  Delivers the key and the completed "Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition" form with any Voyager card receipts attached, to the WCU Auto Shop office.  
    NOTE: During non-business hours, the driver drops the key and the completed "Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition" form with any Voyager card receipts in the designated Key Depository slot at the new Auto Shop.