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Motor Pool Rates

  A.  Overview.  
    The WCU Motor Pool is a self-supporting entity.  Included in the Motor Pool rates are: use of the University vehicle, fuel to operate the vehicle, maintenance, and replacement of the vehicle at the end of its' useful life.  
  B.  Current Motor Pool Rates.  
    1.  Vehicles Checked Out From The Maintenance Garage:  
        Sedan and Minivan Rate:  
            $0.38 per mile or $21.00 per day, whichever is greater.  
        Van and Truck Rate:  
            $0.45 per mile or $21.00 per day, whichever is greater.  
        "Super Van" rate:  
            $0.65 per mile or $30.00 per day, whichever is greater.  
    2.  Service Vehicles Permanently Assigned To A Department:  
          $0.38 per mile for sedans and minivans, $0.45 per mile for trucks and vans and $296.00 per month.  
  C.  Foundation.  
    This rate structure establishes the foundation needed to provide fuel for vehicle usage, as well as proper maintenance and replacement of the fleet in future years.  
  D.  Additional Vehicles.  
    The addition of a permanently assigned, departmental vehicle to the fleet must be approved by the appropriate Vice President and funded from non-Maintenance Garage sources. When such vehicles are added to the fleet, rates will be charged as indicated above, and vehicles will be replaced from Maintenance Garage revenue at the end of their life cycle.  
  E.  Maintenance of Departmental Equipment and Non-Fleet Vehicles.  
    Any charges incurred to operate (including fuel), maintain or repair departmental equipment or vehicles not funded through this process will be charged to the respective departments.