Expediting Your Mail Delivery

The West Chester University Post Office is constantly striving to expedite the daily process of mail delivery. We seek your assistance in achieving this goal. The following is a list of suggestions, that if followed, will assist us and the United States Postal Service in delivering your outgoing mail as rapidly as possible.

Addresses should be clear and complete. Acceptable fonts are Courier or New Courier, 10-12 pt. (Italics and script type fonts can not be read by the automatic, optical, address scanning equipment). Addresses should not be skewed on the envelope, i.e., text lines should be parallel to the edge of the envelope.

Multiple pieces of mail should be secured in a bundle using rubber bands or paper clips.

Mail should be separated into the following bundles:

  1. Flats (any envelope larger than 6 1/8” x 11½“)
  2. Letters
    1. Handwritten Addresses
      1. Sealed Envelopes
      2. Unsealed Envelopes
    2. Typed Addresses
      1. Sealed Envelopes
      2. Unsealed Envelopes
  3. Postcards
  4. Foreign Mail
  5. Accountable Mail (Express, Certified, Insured, Registered).

All mail bundles must have a mailing request form attached. The mailing request form must have an authorized signature and clearly state the date, class of mail (special mailing instructions), and number of pieces to process.

Flats should always be sealed. Letters (unsealed) should always have the envelope flaps folded down individually. The reason for this is that our postage meter will not properly seal the envelope unless the flaps are down.

Your assistance in accurately preparing your outgoing mail will significantly contribute to our efforts to process and expedite its delivery. We thank you for your cooperation. Should you have any questions about the services provided by the West Chester University Postal Services unit, please contact us at 436-2744.

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