Finance and Business Services Contact List

Organization Chart
Associate Vice President for Finance and Business Services
Administrative Assistant

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Assistant Controller
  • Vacant
Supervising Accountant
  • Vacant
Senior Accountant - Grants and Restricted Funds
Senior Accountant - Financial Aid
Senior Accountant - Fixed Assets
Staff Accountant

 Bursar's Office

Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services and Bursar
  • Colleen Corrado | 610-436-2552 |

Student Financial Services

Associate Director of Student Financial Services
Refund Coordinator
Business Analyst
Fiscal Assistant

Customer Service and Collections

Assistant Director of Customer Service and Collections Account Representatives

Bursar Operations

Assistant Director of Bursar Operations
Cashiering Supervisor
  • Vacant
  • Vacant


Business Services

Director of Business Services
  • Jeff Baun | 610-436-2705 |

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Manager Assistant Accounts Payable Manager Card Systems Administrator
Fiscal Technician

Construction Procurement

Contract Specialist

Purchasing Manager
Assistant Purchasing Manager
  • Vacant
Purchasing Agent
Fiscal Assistant

University Post Office

Postal Services Supervisor
Postal Clerk

Business Systems

Sr. Business Systems Analyst Supervisor
Business Systems Analyst
  • Vacant


Payroll Manager
Please use the Payroll Email to communicate inquiries, documents, timesheets and issues, rather than contacting individual payroll team members. This email is the most effective way to communicate with the Payroll Office. Assistant Payroll Manager
Faculty/Staff Payroll
Student Payroll


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