Cash Handling

As a general rule, payments for services and activities associated with West Chester University will always be sent directly to the Office of the Bursar in 25 University Avenue. A deposit form.

Payments to West Chester University should be made by check or money order, payable to West Chester University. Cash can be accepted for small dollar amounts if the department follows the cash processing procedures outlined below. Cash transactions present special security problems and should be discouraged.

A full and true accounting of all funds collected, including identification of the sources of such funds, shall be maintained by the collecting department. Accountability for such collections shall be maintained from the origin of collection until final deposit in the Office of the Bursar.

All fees collected shall normally be deposited daily in the Bursar's office. Departments which collect nominal amounts for fees are exempt from this daily deposit requirement, but must make deposits whenever the amount of cash on hand reaches $200.00 and at least every third calendar day regardless of amount. All money kept overnight by the department must be secured in a safe or other secured facility. Immediately upon receipt, checks shall be endorsed "For Deposit Only." The restricted endorsement stamps are available in the Bursar's office. There is no authorization for any department or person to use the fees collected for any purpose whatsoever other than deposit in the Bursar's office.

If collection of cash by an individual or department cannot be avoided, a receipt for the payment shall be provided to the payer. Receipts shall be pre-numbered and all receipts shall be accounted for. If a receipt is incorrect it must be marked VOID on both copies of the receipt and be signed by a supervisor. The reason for the VOID should be written on the receipt.

All monies must be counted when given to an employee and when returned by the employee. A supervisor shall verify the employees totals. Each employee handling cash shall be given a locked drawer or locking cash box to work from. The employee shall have possession of the key for the time they are responsible for the cash. Overages or shortages must be documented. The supervisor or department head shall take appropriate action to identify the reason for the cash discrepancy, including disciplinary action, if warranted.

Depositing department shall be responsible to have a supervisory employee count the amount of the deposit and complete the cash deposit form. Whenever possible, the person completing the form and counting the cash shall be different than the individual who received the payments. All departments receiving payments will be subject to periodic reviews by the Accounting department. If deficiencies are identified, they will be addressed by the Accounting office and rectified.

All payments shall be placed in an envelope and personally delivered to the Office of the Bursar. Deposits shall NOT be sent via inter-office mail. The individual delivering the deposit shall stay at the Bursar's office until the deposit is verified and a Bursar's receipt is issued. The Bursar receipt should be returned to the department and attached to the department's copy of the deposit form. An independent verification of the Bursar receipts and departmental receipts must be made by tracing each deposit back to the departmental accounting records. This will provide evidence that the deposit was properly credited to the department revenue source.

Some departments may have unique situations that require individualized internal controls for cash handling. If you feel that you need individualized attention, please call the Bursar at extension 2555, and the necessary procedures will be developed to meet your needs while maintaining fiscal control.

The University is required by the State System of Higher Education to maintain a centralized bank account. Appropriate controls to insure the security of all funds are maintained. Individuals or departments acting in their official capacity SHALL NOT maintain bank accounts outside of the University system.

Note: The best method of insuring the safe processing of all payments is to encourage payers to make payment by check or money order, payable to West Chester University and sent directly to the Office of the Bursar in 25 University Avenue.

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