Requisitioning - Use of GL Account Codes

The use of proper G/L accounts is extremely critical to the financial reporting of the university. These accounts classify expenditures into categories such as travel, supplies, postage, etc. Due to external financial reporting requirements, please use only accounts beginning with a ‘6’ when completing e-Reqs and payment request forms. The 7xxxxx series of accounts have been removed from the crosswalk. If you have used the 7xxxxx series accounts in the past, please be advised that there is no difference on the impact of budget availability by using the 6xxxxx series of accounts.

An updated listing of SAP GL account codes is available on our SharePoint site to help you determine which account to use for e-Reqs and payment request forms. This list contains very descriptive accounts available to you, so we encourage you to use it as a reference tool.

Some examples of suggested accounts for common purchases would be:

Description GL Account
Books (non-library) 608120
Educational supplies 660300
Furniture 660130
Lab Supplies 660315
Office Equipment 660125
Office Supplies 660100
EDP Equipment (Computer) 660230
Software 620200

Please note that the Accounting office may use the 7xxxxx accounts if determined that a purchase is considered a capital expenditure.


contact Trixia Santiago

at extension 2334 with any questions on the appropriate use of GL Account codes.

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