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Amber Coe

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Amber Coe

Amber Coe, 2015 Researcher

About Me

I am a senior Middle Grades Education Major pursuing a minor in math and reading. This is my first time doing research at the collegiate level and I'm very excited to have this opportunity. I love music as well as going to the beach. My biggest desire in my career is to leave a lasting impact in at least one adolescent life.

Description of Project

This study will look at the effectiveness of current summer reading lists given to middle grades students each year. We will analyze the students' attitudes toward summer reading lists and survey them to see if there are better alternatives for enhancing literacy in the summer months. We will survey students by using an online survey created by Qualtrics.

Why Project is Important to Field of Research

As an aspiring Language Arts teacher for middle schoolers, I want my students to enjoy literacy. If summer reading lists are not effectively increasing students' literacy, but rather encouraging them to develop negative attitudes towards reading, I want to know what alternatives are better for my students. To embrace literacy is to embrace knowledge and I would hope that I could teach them to appreciate literacy.

About Faculty Mentor (Dr. Heather Schugar)

Dr. Heather Schugar has already published research and is more than willing to help me with my process of designing and executing surveys as well as analyzing and publishing. She teaches full time at the University.

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