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All probationary tenure track faculty must apply for tenure during their 5th academic year or the following year will be a terminal year of employment. The documents below explain the tenure process and policy. The last document is an application for tenure.

New interactive electronic versions of the forms used for hiring, sabbaticals, promotion, tenure, evaluations and awards are now available on the Provost's website under the appropriate categories.

Complete the electronic forms online and then save as .pdf files. The documents can be printed to obtain the necessary signatures. Please be sure to use these updated documents in place of any that you may have on hand, which should be recycled, since the electronic version may be updated regularly. If the document is a checklist for evaluation, please print only, as the checklists are not interactive.

As in the past, the majority of the forms are printed on specific colors of paper. The color (ex: Salmon) is written at the top and the end/bottom of the form. If no color is noted, submit on plain white paper. After a form has been completed, please remember to save your excel worksheet for future reference.

Please note that these documents are not to be sent electronically for submission or signature. Please follow the usual procedures/processes for signature or approval using a printed, hard copy on the appropriate paper. As these forms are part of an application, they should be submitted as a complete package and not sent electronically. Please let us know if you have any questions at 610-436-3405.

Request for Early Tenure Consideration---Procedures and Guidelines (March 2011)

  • As provided for in Article 15 B., requests to count time spent in a temporary position(s) at a PA State System university as credit toward the probationary period at WCU will be considered as early as following the completion of the second year tenure track evaluation and as late as the start of the 7th semester in a tenure track position. Requests received earlier than the second year review cycle will be held until the second year review is completed.

  • The process may be initiated by either the faculty member or the department. If requested by the faculty member, he/she will initiate the procedure by submitting a written request to the department chair. The department chair will bring the request to the department which will make a recommendation to the Provost as the President's designee within 4 weeks (of the academic calendar) of receiving the request. The department is encouraged to use its normal process for decision making. As part of the process, the Provost may consult with the appropriate dean. The Provost will then consider the department recommendation and make a determination on the request. The faculty member and department chair will be informed in writing of the decision within 4 weeks of receiving the department's recommendation.

  • Individuals approved to apply for early tenure may submit their materials at the next appropriate deadline following approval (i.e. November 1 for tenure & promotion or January 20 for tenure only) OR the applicant may choose not to apply for early tenure and submit their materials in year 5 of the probationary period. Materials will be considered using the regular tenure and promotion process. He/she will be considered for tenure during the upcoming spring.

  • A copy of the Provost's letter granting early tenure application will be attached to the tenure application in the tenure dossier materials.

  • Any semester a probationary faculty member is on a leave from the University (with or without pay) of a sufficient length that student rating and peer observation data cannot be collected will not be counted in determining eligibility.

  • The information about this process will be provided to faculty hired into a tenure-track position that have held faculty positions at one or more of the 14 PASSHE universities prior to hiring into a tenure track position. It will also be provided to the chair.

Promotion and Tenure Workshop Committee (PTW) Annual Report, 2012-2013 Academic Year

PDF files require Acrobat Reader by Adobe. If you do not have this, you can download the software for free.)