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Summer Bridge Program

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Student Success

Lawrence Center 262

Phone: 610-436-3416

Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge program is a 5-week summer program designed to provide cohorts of incoming first-year students with the experience and tools they need to be successful as they transition into their first year of college.  All participating students will be enrolled in six credits of course work chosen specifically to align with the requirements of their desired majors.  Students will live on campus in a personally and socially supportive community to help them transition to the WCU college environment and will participate in a variety of academic support activities that are tied directly to their individual needs and/or the requirements of their intended programs.  In addition, students will participate in a variety of other programming activities designed to assist them to make important academic and social connections and to prepare them to proactively plan for and actively participate in their journey of self-discovery at WCU. 

The 2018 Summer Bridge program will take place during the second summer session (July 2 – August 4). Participants will be housed in a university-owned dormitory with peer assistants and resident counselors. Move-In Day is Sunday, July 1, and classes begin on Monday, July 2, 2018.

For more information about the 2018 Summer Bridge, please contact

Dr. Loretta Rieser-Danner 

or call 610-436-2908.

Look here for a list of some of the courses available to Summer Bridge participants. 

A Summer Bridge Program Student Handbook that outlines important policies and procedures is available here .

2018 Programming Schedule/Calendar of Events

Look here  for a 2018 Schedule of Summer Bridge Programming and Events. 

2018 Summer Bridge Program  Forms and Information

Summer Bridge Description

To accept your invitation to participate in the Summer Bridge Program, please complete the online acceptance form at

Next Steps for Summer Bridge Enrollment 

2018 Summer Bridge Housing Application

What to Bring to Summer Bridge Residence Hall 

2018 Final Cost Break Down 

2018 Financial Aid Application Process

2018 Financial Aid Application

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