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DNA and Your Team

DNA and Your Team

Duration: Half-day

Course Description: This unique half-day team building session is taught by Professor Anita Foeman and/or Professor Bessie Lawton, from WCU’s Department of Communication Studies. Professor Foeman has been involved with research on this subject since 2006 and was joined by Professor Lawton in in 2011. This course explores our genetic ancestry and the narratives, behaviors and perspectives that define us. Sharing this information among workgroups can build discussion and group cohesion. In the process, members learn more about themselves and this cutting edge science.

Audience: Ideal for individuals at all levels in the organization. Optimum class size: 10-25.

Course Outline:

Phase I
Participants will undergo a non-invasive DNA test as a prerequisite to the workshop to study the ancestry of each attendee. WCU will arrange an agreeable date to mail DNA kits to your company site for each individual to collect and mail their own DNA sample and fill out a pre survey. All kits will come ready for mailing and we encourage all to participants to promptly mail in their sample as the results will take several weeks to receive.

Phase II
DNA lab results will be shared with participants prior to the in-person workshop that will take place several weeks after the test. Attendees will review what the DNA results do and do not mean, from a biological perspective. In this discovery process, the team gains valuable insight into each other’s stories and motivations.

Course Outcome: Improved communication and leadership skills will be achieved from a unique perspective not previously considered. By generating new insights and narrative, your team will better understand how cultural misconception and appreciation may affect a team’s goals.

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