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Project Management with Microsoft Project

Project Management with Microsoft Project

Duration: 2-day or 3-day

Accreditations: 14 or 21 PDCs | 14 or 21 PDUs

Course Description: This highly interactive course provides a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft (MS) Project software. Topics include basic and task specific functions, utilization of PERT/Gantt, resource management, and calendar work schedule manipulation. Participants will learn how to set up a project plan in MS Project, estimate resource requirements for tasks, and create reports on project tasks, schedules and resources. This course includes individual practice sessions, group exercises, case studies, and a Planning and Budgeting project that participants present to their peers.

Audience: Any employee that is aspiring to become a project manager or has experience in project management. Optimum class size: 6-12.

Course Objectives:

  • Define a project, mission statement, objectives and project manager's responsibilities
  • Communicate and derive approval of the general plan
  • Setup the primary elements of the project in Microsoft Project
  • Understand how to develop the WBS, estimate task durations, and develop a schedule
  • Define and create tasks in an outline structure and initial schedule for the project
  • Analyze and Define the relationships between tasks and resources
  • Schedule and manage their project with all the primary functions of MS Project
  • Estimate resource requirements and budgets
  • Use and gain control of all the key elements of the project in MS Project
  • Use MS Project to track activity and manage Project Meetings
  • Track, manage and produce usable reports about tasks, schedules and resources
  • Schedule and manage their own project
  • Performed a Planning and Budgeting presentation of their own project

Course Outcome: After completion of this course, participants will understand MS Project’s planning and scheduling features, be able to schedule and manage their own project, and create various project reports on tasks, resources, and schedules.

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