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The Value Stream Management System

The Value Stream Management System

Duration: 24 hours – (Usually 4 hours a week for 6 weeks)

Course Description: Value Stream Management simplifies the planning process for Lean implementation, ensuring quick deployment and greater success. It uses metrics and reporting to visually identify bottlenecks and areas of opportunities to improve your processes with the Lean tools. The central feature of this system is the value stream management storyboard, a tool representing an eight-step process for Lean implementation. The storyboard brings together people, tools, metrics and reporting into one visual document. This course will enable the learner to create and interpret both current and future-state value stream maps and to recognize how a value stream map is used to improve an organization's processes. The participants will develop a value stream map for a key process in your organization.

Participants Cross-functional team members (finance, customer service, operations, engineering, materials planning, etc.) (10-12 attendee’s optimum per class)

Course Outline:

  • Step 1: Commit to a Lean implementation
  • Step 2: Choose a Value Stream to focus on
  • Step 3: Examine the key principles of Lean
  • Step 4: Map the Current State Value Stream
  • Step 5: Identify Lean Metrics
  • Step 6: Map the Future State Value Stream
  • Step 7: Create Kaizen Improvement Plans
  • Step 8: Implement Kaizen Improvement Plans

Course Outcome: You can expect your team members to come away with a completed value stream management storyboard for your chosen value stream, as well as the ability to create additional storyboards. These tools will identify constraints and other areas that need improvement in your company. The team members will have an understanding of all terminology and symbols commonly used with value stream mapping around the world today and learn how to properly implement a Lean transformation.

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