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Kaizen for the Shop Floor Workshop

Kaizen for the Shop Floor Workshop

Duration: 24 hours (usually 4 hours a week for 6 weeks)

Course Description: The philosophy of kaizen, which simply means continuous improvement, is the key for all lean process improvements. Kaizen events are opportunities to make focused improvements in the workplace. Kaizen for the Shop-floor takes you through the critical steps in conducting a very effective kaizen event - one that is well planned, well implemented and well documented. Kaizen for the Shop-floor distills the complexities of jumpstarting lean processes into an easily accessible format for the frontline employees. Participants will receive a Kaizen for The Shop-Floor workbook and spend a roughly equal amount of time in classroom learning as on the floor implementing their improvement ideas. At the completion of the course participants will present the final results to company management.

Participants Team leads, Key personnel, managers, supervisors and perspective leaders. (Optimum class size: 10-12)

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Identifying kaizen opportunities
  • Module 2: Analyzing processes
  • Module 3: Developing optimal solutions
  • Module 4: Implementing the solutions
  • Module 5: Studying results
  • Module 6: Standardizing solutions
  • Module 7: Planning for the future

Course Outcome: You can expect your team members to come away with a thorough understanding of each of the steps of kaizen. They will have hands on experience implementing all aspects kaizen in the sample focus area and will know how to implement kaizen in additional areas. You can expect a measurable improvement and continuous improvements in any area where kaizen is correctly implemented.

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