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Introduction to Lean Principles

Introduction to Lean Principles

Duration: 8 hours

Course Description: Lean seeks to highlight and then eliminate waste that is not adding value in the eyes of the customer, helping you to reduce the cost of safely producing high quality products and services on-time. Intro to Lean Principles begins the process to help organizations identify and implement an action plan to reduce wastes and inefficiencies. This training will be tailored to fit your industry and organizational needs. Employees will be equipped with skills to identify and eliminate unnecessary costs. The understanding of Lean principles is accomplished through classroom instruction and participation along with exercises, brainstorming and simulations.

Participants All team members in an industry desiring to begin their Lean journey. (Optimum class size: 10-12)

Course Outline:

Module 1: Overview and History of Lean

  • Lean Principles and Concepts
  • Value Added Vs Non-Value Added Time
  • Eight Wastes of Lean

Module 2: The Eight Steps of Planning, Mapping and Sustaining Lean Improvements

  • Value Stream Management
  • Waste Elimination Exercise
  • Lean Hands-on Simulation

Module 3: The Lean Tool Box

  • 5-S, Kanban / Pull Systems, Quick Changeover, Total Productive Maintenance, Line Design/Takt Time, Standardized Work, Kaizen/A3’s

Course Outcome: You can expect your team members to come away with a basic understanding of the eight wastes taught in Lean and how to begin to eliminate them in their workplace. They will understand the basic terminology and concepts of Lean and be prepared for more advanced Lean training such as 5-S Workplace Organization, Cellular Manufacturing, Quick Changeover, Value Stream Mapping, TPM- Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Kanban (Pull System), Kaizen, Lean Office and other related value added workshops.

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