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CPE Course Catalog

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Time Management

Time Management

Duration: Half-day (3.5 - 4 hours)

Course Description: This course is designed the help participants view time as a manageable and limited resource. Participants practice ways to evaluate and organize tasks, and identify individual strengths and limitations. This course also discusses how to identify priorities, break large tasks into manageable units, appropriately delegate, avoid procrastination, and bring tasks to completion.

Audience: Personnel who experience difficulties managing their time and anyone looking to sharpen their time management skills. Optimum class size 8-20.

Course Outline:

Module One - Viewing time as a commodity. In module one the Facilitator will:

  • Use the time chart to examine the kinds of tasks we mange with time and tasks from the largest and most pressing to the most minute and mundane
  • Share information how people approach tasks, and why
  • Present basic strategies to address effective time mange
  • Explore how we waste time

Module Two: Examine our own time use patterns

  • Create an image of a "typical" work day
  • Examine our personal strategies for time usage
  • Examine their use of time with a hands on activity using the time use chart
  • Place our tasks on the time chart
  • Identify personal time wasters

Module Three - Applying Skills

  • Develop a strategy to improve the alignment of goals to tasks we perform
  • Explore personal strategies for how to approach overwhelming tasks
  • Identify support that is available for delegating tasks
  • Identify personal time wasters
  • Make a commitment to change

Course Objective: Participants will learn to view time as a manageable commodity, and use their time efficiently to meet personal and organizational goals.

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