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Situational and Transformational Leadership

Situational and Transformational Leadership

Duration: Full-day

Accreditations: 8 CPEs | 7 PDCs | 7 PDUs

Course Description: Leaders often face situations that require different leadership styles to promote teamwork and cooperation. An effective situational leader evaluates many variables in their workplace, to inform the use of a specific leadership style. The first module in this course explores "Situational Leadership" and teaches participants how to tailor their leadership approach the situation on hand. The second module in this course teaches the strategies and techniques associated with "Transformational Leadership". The inherent challenges of team leading are compounded when a company is undergoing significant changes. A transformational leader can ensure continued teamwork and corporation during this turbulence, by embodying the companies’ new vision, and motivating the staff to flourish in their new roles. This course qualifies for 7 PDUs from the Project Management Institute.

Audience: Team leads and managers at all levels (8-20 attendees)

Course Outcome: Participants will delve into the theories and practices of "Situational Leadership" and "Transformational leadership". They will cultivate new skills and talents in the following ways:

  • Articulate how individual differences influence interactions.
  • Learn techniques to produce agreement and cooperation among team members.
  • Guide team members to increase their effectiveness by recognizing and using the strengths of the different personality types within the team.
  • Distinguish management from leadership.
  • Learn and practice skills to provide effective feedback and create meaningful communication.
  • Understand how to recognize, appreciate and utilize the strengths of each individual on the team.
  • Apply models of leadership to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Produce an immediate positive impact on their team's performance.

Course Outline: This course is presented in 2 modules:

Situational Leadership participants learn and apply this widely recognized approach to leadership. Emphasizing the importance of leadership style, participants learn techniques used to meet the demands of the situation and the needs of the follower.

Transformational Leadership focuses on the charismatic and affective elements of leadership. Participants learn behaviors associated with outstanding leadership and how Transformational Leadership can be used to solve challenging problems in their sphere of influence.

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