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CPE Course Catalog

The Graduate Center
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Exam Prep Courses

Exam Prep Courses


Grad Exam Prep 7-week courses are generally held in the Fall and Winter semesters, while the Accelerated 1-week program normally runs in June. Our team of instructors is comprised of professionals who are well versed and keep up with changes in both the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) and the GRE (Graduate Record Examination). Prep courses are available during other months of the year for groups, providing there is a minimum of 8-10 attendees. Call to discuss your specific requirements for a prep course outside of the aforementioned time frames.

All attendees receive a Math and Verbal Refresher packet to assess their skill level and brush up on topics they may not have put into practice since their last day in college.

Accelerated Grad Exam Prep - This is a 15-hour preparatory course for the GRE and GMAT graduate entrance exams, spanning one intensive week in length. Sessions will update math skills in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Data Sufficiency, Data Comparison, Word Problems and Special Topics. Important score raising aspects of the GRE and GMAT Verbal and Writing sections are covered. Homework assignments and reviews will integrate coursework to target problem areas for all attendees. Instructors are available during class evenings and beyond to maintain individual progress and strive toward success. It is highly recommended that students attend all 3 sessions. [15 hours]

Graduate Exam Prep - This 7-week preparatory course is for GRE or GMAT graduate entrance exam takers. Math topics are interspersed throughout the course to update skills in basic Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Number Theory, Data Sufficiency and Data Comparison. Verbal and Writing topics to include essay writing, grammar, rhetoric, reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence completion questions will be addressed but on a lesser scale than the math. A thorough review of computer test taking techniques and strategies enabling students to focus quickly on the correct answer and ultimately, raising their score. [7 weeks]

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