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Communication and Team Building

Communication and Team Building

Duration: Half day

Course Description: Regardless of the individual skills of employees, unless a group can function effectively as a team, workers will not live up to their potential. This half-day workshop will help participants understand the stages of team building and strategies for creating a functional, cohesive team at work. Team building activities, discussing challenges and successes in team building, and brainstorming ideas for innovative team building will be part of the workshop. Issues such as getting members to share a common mission, identifying team members' unique talents, and building effective collaboration to fulfill team goals will be explored. This course is designed to provide broad perspective and practical skills to help managers and employees develop team building skill and experience.

Audience: Any manager or employee who wants to understand and take advantage of the energy of the team and the ability of the team to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions. Optimum class size: 10-25.

Course Outline:

Module One - Stages of Team Development
In module one the Facilitator will:

  • Work with participants to identify the stages of team building and challenges at each stage
  • Discuss types of teams and the special challenge of each
  • Discuss the various roles that people play in teams from social support to task master
  • Discuss how to develop successful teams

Module Two - Explore the Team Experience
In this module, participants will work together to:

  • Share sample team building activities
  • Have participants share their past experiences in teams
  • Have participants explore the roles they play in teams
  • Have participants explore and analyze the impact of team building activities

Module Three - Applying Skills

  • Have members explore what strategies that can take to their work places to build team dynamism
  • Have members identify specific team behaviors they can use to enhance team performance at their workplaces

Course Outcome: Participants will understand the stages of team building, analyze common team building challenges, and learn strategies to develop functional teams and create cohesion between team members

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