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CPE Course Catalog

The Graduate Center
1160 McDermott Drive
West Chester PA, 19380

Phone: 610-425-7435

Public Speaking

Public Speaking - Communicating Your Ideas So "They" Pay Attention

Duration: Full-day

Course Description: This course provides information needed to develop and implement effective oral presentations. Selecting a presentation's appropriate organizational structure based on the intended audience and goal is discussed, along with structuring techniques that help an audience retain information. This course also teaches presentation delivery skills, strategies to help overcome speaking anxiety, and proper use of technology during a presentation. Participants will practice effectively delivering a message and connecting with an audience throughout this course to reinforce core concepts.

Audience: Ideal for individuals at all levels in the organization. Optimum class size: 10-20. Larger audiences can be accommodated upon request.

Course Outline:

  • Developing an Effective Oral Presentation
    • Understanding the elements of Rhetorical Situations
    • Constructing organized presentations based on audiences and goals
    • Learning agenda-setting message design to help audience expectations
    • Applying structural retention techniques to help audiences retain information
    • Broadening perspectives on what it means to open and close speeches
    • Determining if an "Ask" (or request for behavioral follow up) is appropriate for the message
  • Delivering Your Message and Connecting with Your Audience
    • Audience Focus
    • Audience Analysis
    • Verbal Style
    • Nonverbal Style
    • Using Technology

Course Outcome: Participants will understand the elements of an effective oral presentation, how to select an organizational structure based on their audience and goals, and how to reduce speaking anxiety and present with effective style.

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